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Computer Won't Open Document in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the popular desktop utility often used to write important text documents, articles, thesis, synopsis, research details and so on. This application is used in number of places such as schools, companies, office, hospitals, railways and at home. It provides users with a number of advanced features such as formatting, inserting clip arts, tables, symbols, images, etc which makes it very interactive and attractive. However, similar to any other document application users often come across numerous error notifications while opening their Word documents. These errors arise due to logical reasons such as improper system termination, application malfunction, storage media failure, power failure, etc. In case, if you are a user with this kind of problem, then here are few useful things through which you can open your Word document.

Solution 1: Use the inbuilt “Open and Repair” software

Microsoft Word application provides an inbuilt option called “Open and Repair” which allows users to fix and open their corrupt Word document. The procedure to use this feature is as follows, Open Microsoft Word applications --> Click on “Open” --> select the corrupt Word file --> And choose “Open and Repair” option from the Open drop down list. This option repairs your damaged / corrupt Word document and opens the file.

Disadvantage: But this feature isn’t always 100 % successful i.e. Open and Repair feature doesn’t work on severely corrupt Word document.

Solution 2: Save Word File in another Format

Make use of this method, if you are not able to open your Word file using first method, this technique will recover Word document as much as possible. Just save your Word file in .html, .txt or .htm format, after which open your Word document using “Browser” or “Notepad” from where you can recover contents from the Word document.

Disadvantage: The main and only disadvantage with this technique is that, you lose the entire Word document formatting such as font style, font size, formatting, bullets, numbers, indention etc

Solution 3: Repair and Open Word document using Third Party software

Even after following the above mentioned procedures, if you are still unable to open your Word document then it is highly recommended to use Remo Repair software to repair and open your MS Word file. Remo Repair Word is one of the best and the most used repair utility to fix severely corrupt / damaged Microsoft files, the main benefit of using this application is that, Remo doesn’t modify or change any of the contents of the original Word file during repair process.