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Word 2016에서 분실되거나 손상된 문서 복구

Microsoft Word document can be lost in a number of occasions. Sometimes, the corruption errors that pop up while you attempt to open DOC or DOCX file can make it inaccessible. In case, you experience power interruption during editing the Word file, or the Word doc is closed without saving, you may lose critical information or countless hours of work. But hang on, you may not have to conclude data loss just yet. Here are few ways you can try to recover lost or corrupt Word document in Word 2016.

Quick tips to recover lost or corrupted document in Word 2016

Don’t assume that the Word file is corrupt: Try opening other MS Word files on your PC to check whether you can open those. If you are unable to open other documents too, then the issue lies with the MS Word tool and it is confirmed that your document is not corrupted.

Save the document in a different file format: If you are unable to open Word file, try saving the file to another file format such as RTF or TXT. This may cause few Word’s codecs to be stripped from the file, which often fixes the issue. After the document is saved in new file format, open and save it to .doc or docx file format.

Run CHKDSK: If corruption exists in the Word doc at file level, try running CHKDSK command. You may be able to fix the file and gain back accessibility. Otherwise, you will atleast be able to determine the reason behind the problem.

Use Open and Repair feature: The built-in Open & Repair feature of Microsoft attempts to fix the issues and try to make the file open normally. To recover lost or corrupt document in Word 2016, follow these 단계s:

1. Launch Word 2016 and on the File menu, click Open.

2. In the Open dialog box, select the Word document that needs to be fixed.

3. Click arrow key available next to Open icon and hit Open and Repair option.

Safe and secure way to recover lost or corrupted document in Word 2016

If the above explained Word document troubleshoot methods doesn’t help you to recover lost or corrupted document in Word 2016, then make use of Remo Repair Word software. The software provides handy options to perform Microsoft Word 2016 file repair in 4 단계s on Windows PC. It effectively fixes corrupt DOC/DOCX files and recover text, formatting, OLE objects like tables, charts, bullet list, hyperlinks, images, etc. that are embedded in the damaged Word document.