Software to Fix Large Corrupt AVI Files

Find an easy way to fix AVI video of large size

AVI are video file formats that are widely used to play videos on a personal desktop / laptop computer. These files are platform independent and do not require any special software or hardware program. AVI files have many benefits compared to other video file formats such as AVI videos are large, high clarity, compatible to run on many media players, reliable and more efficient. However, sometimes due to uncertainties your AVI video files get corrupt and unplayable. Fortunately, with the advent of Remo Repair software it is very easy to fix large corrupt AVI videos.

Main Reasons for AVI file corruption:

There are several reasons due to which your large AVI video files get corrupt; few of them include virus / malware infection on AVI video clip, interruption while downloading or transferring AVI video, presence of bad sectors on storage media where AVI files are stored, electro static power surge while playing or editing AVI video, codec issue, media player corruption, hardware incapability, insufficient memory space and many others. However, Remo Repair helps you in fixing AVI video corrupted due to any reason.

Remo Repair AVI:

Remo Repair makes use of advanced algorithm to repair AVI file of wrong length on Windows operating system based machines. This tool is very safe to use as it does not damages the original AVI video while repairing. In addition, apart from AVI Remo Repair can also repair other video file types such as XviD and DivX stored on internal hard disk drives, portable hard disk, memory cards, iPods, cell phones, USB drives, etc. Furthermore the application has the ability to mend AVI file corruption caused due to any possible reason.

Significant Features:

Few eyecatching of Remo Repair application are listed below:

  • Free trial version of Remo software is available which helps you check its capability
  • Helps you preview the repaired AVI video before saving process
  • Easily repairs corrupt, damaged, broken and inaccessible AVI video
  • Can be easily installed on computers running on Windows and Mac operating system
  • Automatically repairs and integrates audio video data stream side by side

All these features make Remo Repair one of the most widely used AVI repair tool on the market.

Things to remember:

  • Always use good download managers to download important AVI file
  • Avoid interruption while compressing, copying or transferring AVI videos
  • Regularly backup your important AVI files on reliable storage devices
  • Download and install good media players to play your AVI clips


    Follow this procedure to fix large corrupt AVI videos using Remo Repair:

    Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair application. Launch the application and follow the main screen steps. Select the corrupt AVI file that needs to be repaired. Click on "Repair" option to start the repair process.

    Software to Fix Large Corrupt AVI Files - Main Window

    Image 1: Main Window

    Step 2: The software scans the selected file, sector by sector and starts fixing the file.

    Software to Fix Large Corrupt AVI Files - Repairing Progress

    Image 2: Repairing Progress

    Step 3: After, repair completion, select the option "Preview" to view the video clip.

    Software to Fix Large Corrupt AVI Files - Preview Repaired File

    Figure C: Preview Repaired File

    Step 4: Finally, if the repair meets your expectation then register the software to save the repaired AVI video

    Software to Fix Large Corrupt AVI Files - Save Repaired File

    Figure D: Save Repaired File