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What is Adobe Photoshop Error 213:19?

Adobe Photoshop error 213-19 is a licensing error which will not allow you to start your Photoshop application. This runtime error can be caused due to many reasons like incomplete download of Adobe tool, virus or malware attack, corruption in Windows registry, etc.

In order to resolve Adobe Photoshop error 213-19, first try manual method explained below. If manual method does not fix the error, then go for powerful Remo Repair PSD tool. With the aid of this software, even a novice user will be able to fix Adobe Photoshop Error 213:19 with ease.

Manual steps to fix Photoshop error 213:19

Before proceeding to fix the error, first check if the SL store Folder is set as Read only. If so, then you have to remove read only from SL folder in Windows and set to read or write access. Then follow the steps mentioned below to fix error 213-19:

1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Adobe\SLStore\.

2. Right-click the Adobe01.bmp file, tab on Properties and then, select the Security tab.

3. Select the user or group in which you are facing the issue and click on Edit.

4. Select Allow Full Control permissions for that user or group.

5. Click OK in the Permissions and Properties window.

6. After that, launch Adobe Premiere Elements or Photoshop Elements.

Preventive measures

  • Perform PC scan for malware and other malicious programs
  • Always follow correct procedure while installing or updating Adobe Photoshop application
  • Do not make unnecessary mouse clicks when Photoshop throwing errors
  • Keep all device drivers of your system up to date
  • Have a disk clean up and remove junk and temporary files