How to Solve Error ‘Failed to add PST file in Outlook 2016: Error 0x80004001’

Fix Outlook error 0x8004001

Listed below are some of the most important reasons why you would want to import PST files to Outlook.

  • To move Outlook data from one PC to another or from one email account to another
  • To move from PC to Mac or from Mac to PC
  • To move Outlook data between folders and an Exchange Server

If you want to import PST file to Outlook, it is a pretty simple process. All you need to do is go to File menu in Outlook and click Import/Export. Then select your PST file to import and that’s it. This is in most cases a reliable means of importing Outlook data, but in some cases you may encounter problems and receive an error ‘Failed to add PST in Outlook 2016: Error 0x80004001’.

What causes this error and what are some of the best ways to resolve this error? All of these details will be covered in this blog post.

Solutions to resolve the error ‘Failed to add PST in Outlook 2016: Error 0x80004001’

Solution 1: Disable anti-virus temporarily

Certain anti-virus programs may interfere with some actions that you perform in Outlook. In this case, the anti-virus program could be interfering with you importing the PST file and contributing to the error ‘0x80004001’. In order to resolve this problem, disable the anti-virus temporarily and import the PST file. Now check if the error is resolved. If not, proceed to the next step.

Solution 2: Use Outlook’s safe mode

Using Safe Mode in Outlook opens it without add-ins and this will help you know if add-ins is the issue here.

To start Outlook in Safe Mode, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Start menu and select Run
  • In the Run window, type ‘Outlook /safe’ and click Ok

Now see if Outlook starts in Safe Mode and try importing the PST file. If it is successful, we can conclude that add-ins is the culprit. In that case, you can disable add-ins in the standard Outlook mode by following the instructions below.

  1. Open Outlook and click File > Options > Add-ins
  2. In the Manage drop down menu, select COM Add-ins and click Go
  3. Make a note of the selected add-ins and clear all checkboxes, then click Ok
  4. Restart Outlook and once again choose File > Options > Add-ins
  5. Select the add-in that was selected earlier (use the notes in step 3) that you want to re-enable
  6. Repeat these steps until all the add-ins that were selected earlier are enabled. Now, if the error re-occurs, then you have found the trouble causing add-in.

Solution 3: Run Inbox Repair tool/Scanpst.exe

In order to fix the error ‘0x80004001’, corruption in PST files should be fixed. And this can be done using a built in tool called Inbox Repair Tool. This tool can resolve corruption due to PST size factors, software conflicts, virus/malware etc.

All you have to do is search for Scanpst.exe in File Explorer Search bar and select the PST file to repair. Your file will be repaired and the error ‘0x80004001’ will be fixed. Disable that particular add-in to solve the error ‘0x80004001’.

Solution 4: Use Remo Repair PST Software

If the PST file is severely corrupt, then Scanpst cannot repair the file. In that case, you can make use of dedicated PST repair tools like Remo Repair PST to repair the PST file. It is designed to solve all minor and major issues in PST files. Since, it works on a read-only mechanism, all your original data in the PST file will be kept safe. So you don’t need to worry about the PST file getting damaged/altered.

Remo Repair can also be used to resolve errors like Outlook PST file access denied, the set of folders cannot be opened, cannot start Microsoft Outlook etc.

5 Ways to Play 4K Ultra HD Videos in VLC Player

How to play 4K UHD video

Ultra HD video refers to a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels; that is about four times the pixels found in your full HD videos. That many pixels naturally imply a very high pixel density; hence producing a very clear and well-defined video. But what is important to understand is that your computer needs to have a high processing power to play 4K videos. Due to this reason, you may have trouble playing 4K videos as not all systems and media programs are capable of playing them.

If you are facing this issue, then this article is for you. Here, we have compiled a list of some useful solutions to help you play 4K Ultra HD videos in VLC player.

Solution 1: Download the latest version of VLC player

The latest version of VLC media player, that is version 3.0.4 comes with better functionality and support for playing 4K Ultra HD videos. So, as a first step, download VLC media player version 3.0.4 and play the video. If this doesn’t help, proceed to the next step.

Solution 2: Enable GPU acceleration

It is important to understand that 4K videos require immense processing power, hence causing overhead on the processor. To avoid this problem, enable GPU acceleration in VLC player to make use of the processing power of the graphics card to reduce the workload on the processor. To enable GPU acceleration, follow the steps below.

  1. Open VLC media player and select Tools
  2. Click Preferences > Input & Codecs
  3. Select Use GPU acceleration decoding in Input & Codecs window
  4. Save the changes and restart the VLC player

Solution 3: Change cache values

This method works if the 4K video you are trying to play freezes or lags frequently. The basic idea here is to increase the number of seconds videos are cached. The cache value is usually set to around 300 milliseconds or so. Increasing this value to around 1000 or 2000 should help you fix the video lag. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open VLC media player and click on Tools > Preferences
  2. In Show Settings, click on All
  3. Click Input & Codecs under Advanced Settings
  4. In the Advanced section, change the value from 300 to a value like 1000 or 2000

Changing this setting should help you resolve the error in most cases. If not, please proceed to the next step.

Solution 4: Change output settings

Changing output settings has helped many users play 4K videos in VLC player. In order to change output settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Open VLC media player and select Tools
  2. Click Preferences > Video
  3. In Output section, under Video Settings, change Automatic to ‘DirectX’ video output

Save the changes and restart the VLC player. We hope that one of these tips help you play 4k ultra HD files on the VLC player.

Solution 5: Use Remo Repair MOV video repair software

If after trying all of these solutions, you are still facing issues playing 4K videos, it probably means your video file is corrupt. It could have gotten corrupted because of playing it in an incompatible media player, due to bad sectors on the storage device where these files are stored or due to other reasons such as virus attacks.

No matter whatever the reason is, these files can be repaired using a tool called Remo Repair MOV. It is capable of repairing 4K videos in MOV format. It can even repair corruption in MP4 files and fix various errors without modifying original contents. You can even use the tool to fix error 0xc00d36c4 when playing MP4 files.

If you are experiencing corruption or errors in MOV or MP4 files, Remo Repair MOV is the perfect tool for you. Download a trial and try for free!

Repair Freezing Issues When Playing HD Videos in VLC Player

VLC media player is usually a great choice to play most types of videos. It supports a myriad of video formats and is free to use. However, despite its advantages, you may at certain times experience issues while playing large HD quality videos. Video may freeze or it may lag compared to the audio. In other cases, the video may hang for a couple of seconds and play the same section again.

In order to resolve this problem, we’ve compiled a list of simple solutions in this article. The solutions mostly involve tweaking some of VLC’s settings, so it shouldn’t take too long for you to fix the issue. Let’s jump right in.

Solution 1: Increase File Caching

  1. Open VLC Media Player
  2. Click on the Tools menu and select Preferences
  3. At the bottom left corner, under Show Settings, select All
  4. Click on Input/Codecs settings and change the value of File Caching to 1000 or 2000 instead of 300. (The value in milliseconds)

Now check if you can play the video file without it freezing. If not, proceed to the next step.

Solution 2: Change Output settings

  1. Click on Tools menu in VLC Media Player
  2. Click Preferences > Video
  3. Under Video Settings, in the Output section, change the value from Automatic to DirectX (Direct RAW) video output

Then save your settings and check if the video file plays without freezing. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

Solution 3: Skip loop filter

  1. Once again, open VLC Media Player and click Tools > Preferences
  2. In the bottom left corner, under Show Settings, select All
  3. Go to Input/Codecs > Video Codecs > Ffmpeg
  4. Change ‘Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding’ from None to All
  5. Also, double check that the Hardware decoding is set to Disable

Solution 4: Skip frames

  1. Open VLC Media Player and click on Tools
  2. Click Preferences > Reset Preferences and click on Ok in the confirmation box
  3. Once again, click Tools > Preferences
  4. Under Show Settings, select All to show advanced settings
  5. Scroll down the advanced menu options and select Video; uncheck Drop late frames and Skip frames
  6. Again, in the left menu, select Output modules under the Video Select Video Output module and in the drop down menu, select Direct 3D video output

Repair MOV and MP4 video files

Save your settings and try playing the video file. In most cases, one of these solutions should help you resolve the error. However, if none of these work, it is probably because the video file is corrupt. It could have gotten corrupted due to various reasons like playing the video on an incompatible media player or due to round-tripping. Whatever the reason may be, these issues can be repaired using Remo Repair MOV software.

It is capable of repairing both MP4 and MOV files. So if you are experiencing corruption issues or your VLC is not playing MP4 files, now you know how to repair them. Remo also offers a free trial, check it out today!

How to Solve ‘read only’ Error When You Save a File in PowerPoint

Although Microsoft’s PowerPoint is the best and most commonly used application for creating presentations, it is not perfect at all times. Like other applications or software, PowerPoint also exhibits certain issues at times. In this article, let us discuss an error that reads ‘read-only’ when you save a PPT file.

PowerPoint Cannot Save Due to Read-only Error

What are the possible causes of this error? Is there a way to resolve this problem? Please read this article to find out.

Causes and solutions to resolve ‘read-only’ error in PowerPoint

Now let us see the possible causes and corresponding solutions to resolve the ‘read-only’ error in PowerPoint.

Case 1: The file is open by another program

As you know, it is possible to preview PPT files in the Preview pane. But what is important to note is that when the preview pane is open and a PPT file is selected to preview, a hidden version of PowerPoint is launched in the background. You only see the preview but PowerPoint is actually open behind the scenes.

So, if you are previewing a PPT and at the same time you actually open PowerPoint, you may get an error that reads ‘The PowerPoint file is in use’ or you may get a ‘read-only’ error. If you think this may be the problem, close the preview pane, restart your computer and then re-open PowerPoint. You may find that the error is resolved.

Case 2: If PPT file is password-protected

This one’s pretty obvious, when you try to open a password protected PPT file, you will be asked to enter a password to edit the file. (This may be the setting that the owner has set). If this is the case, enter the password to edit its contents and save the file.

Case 3: If the PPT is marked Final

If you are receiving a read-only error only with certain PPT files and not all of them, a file being marked as ‘Final’ may be the reason. So, if a PPT has been marked as ‘Final’, no other changes can be made and hence cannot be saved.

In order to resolve this problem, have the PPT (the one marked as ‘Final’) open and follow the steps below.

  • Click on File > Info
  • Click Protect Presentation and then click ‘Mark as Final’ to undo the ‘Final’ mark

Once this change has been done, open the PPT and check if you are able to edit and save. If not, proceed to the next step.

Case 4: PPT is originally set to read-only

Again, this one’s pretty obvious. It can happen if the owner of the file has set it to read-only. It could also happen if someone else is editing the file, in cases when the file is stored on a network drive instead of on a local drive. Third, if PowerPoint has crashed but the file is still open in the background, you may see a read-only message.

In order to resolve this problem, save the file on a local hard drive with a new name. In case the error is due to PowerPoint crashing, restart Windows and open PPT file.

Last but not the least; also check if you have an activated version of Microsoft Office. If you don’t, purchase the full version to enable full functionality of Office.

Repair PPT files

There may also be cases when you see ‘read-only’ error or you cannot save a PPT file because it is corrupted. Corruption can be due to PowerPoint crash, editing a PPT file saved on an external storage or other reasons. In order to repair corrupt PPT’s, you can make use of Remo Repair PPT. It is a wonderful tool that can repair PPT and PPTX no matter what the reason for corruption is. Once the repair is complete, all your text, formatting, pictures, hyperlinks, embedded objects etc. are recovered in the same original form. Download a trial and repair your PPT file for free!

For Beginners: How to Edit a Video in CamStudio

CamStudio is a recording tool that is used to record your computer screen. It is capable of recording both audio and video and typically saves the recorded file in AVI format. In addition to CamStudio, there are also other options like Camtasia and OBS to record your computer screen. However, in this article, we focus on CamStudio and the basics of recording and editing a video in CamStudio.

Edit a Video in CamStudio

How to record a video in CamStudio?

To record a video in CamStudio, you will need to first configure it based on what you need the video for. For instance, if you want to upload it YouTube, configure it accordingly and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Options > Video Options; change the Compressor to CamStudio Lossless Codec to make sure the files aren’t too big
  2. Next, click on Options > Cursor Options; select ‘Highlight cursor’ and ‘Enable Visual Click Feedback’ to make your mouse clicks are easy to follow
  3. Then select which part of the screen you want to record (You can select the entire screen or only a portion)
  4. You can choose to customize the settings even more and once that’s done, click Record to record your video

In most cases, you should be able to record the video file easily without any issues. However, if you find that CamStudio cannot record your AVI file, please refer the link provided.

How to edit a video in CamStudio?

Now that you know how to record a video in CamStudio, you are now ready to edit it. Editing a video in CamStudio is also pretty straightforward. Just follow the instructions below and you should be able to do it easily.

  1. Open CamStudio and in the top-left corner, click on File > Open
  2. Browse to the video you have just recorded and open the video
  3. Click on the Tools menu to open the editing software on CamStudio
  4. Here, you can choose to annotate, change video and audio settings like brightness, colors etc. and also convert the file to other formats.

Once you have edited the video according to your preference, you are ready to use it for personal use or upload it to YouTube/other platforms.

Repair AVI files

You may experience corruption issues in AVI files due to various reasons such as converting the file from one format to another or playing the file in an incompatible media player. Or when there is an interruption during transfer of AVI files from one storage media to another, the file may get corrupt.

So, if your AVI file is corrupted due to any of these reasons or any other reason, you can make use of tools like Remo Repair AVI to repair the corruption. It is the most reliable and efficient tool to repair AVI files. Download a trial and check out the software today!

How to Easily Combine Two Video Clips into One

How to merge video files?

When you work with videos regularly, you know that it is extremely unlikely that you have only a single file to work with. Chances are that multiple files are created and then carefully stitched into a single one to produce a video. For video editing professionals, you probably have video editing software that does it all, but for uninitiated, this article will help you learn how to merge videos.

Downloadable software, web versions and mobile apps are available for combining videos and here in this article, we cover the downloadable software versions. Let’s jump right in to find out how to merge videos.

Option 1: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is not only for playback of video files, but it can also do a variety of other things like editing them. So, you can use VLC Media Player and merge multiple videos together. But note that the only drawback is that it can be used only to combine videos of the same format. To merge videos in VLC, follow the steps below.

VLC Player

  1. Launch VLC Media Player and click on Media
  2. Then select Open Multiple Files
  3. Click on the Add button to add files one by one, but make sure to add them sequentially
  4. Click on the Play drop down and select Convert
  5. Finally, choose a location to save the merged video and that’s it! Your videos will be merged and saved in a location you specified.

Option 2: Shotcut

Shotcut is must-have software to edit videos and is supported on both Mac and Windows. It is a powerful application with a variety of options and the best part is it’s free to use. To merge two videos in Shotcut, just follow the steps below.

  1. Click on File > Open File and browse to the first video
  2. Once the video is loaded, drag it down to the timeline
  3. Repeat the same steps for the second and subsequent videos if you have. Just make sure the left edge of the second video touches the right edge of the first and so on for additional videos.
  4. Then click on Export Video button to save the merged video file

So, here we’ve covered only some of the best and free software for merging videos, although there are various other options available. Also, be extra cautious and do some research about video editing if you’re the first timer. Also, please have a backup of all your video files just in case anything goes wrong.

Repair video files

No matter how careful you are, you can sometimes encounter issues with video files. You may experience blurry playback, audio video sync issues, audio missing, video missing etc. These issues can occur due to various reasons like the interrupted video transfer, converting video files from one format to other multiple times or damage caused due to playing the video on an unsupported media program.

Whatever the reason may be for corruption in video files, they can be repaired using a tool called Remo Repair AVI. It is the best choice to repair corrupted and damaged AVI files. It can also repair broken video files. It works in such a way that the original files are not altered during the repair process. It extracts contents and works on that data instead of on the original file, so there really is no reason to worry about the software causing damage.

If you are experiencing corruption in AVI files, download a trial of Remo Repair AVI today and give it a try! There is also a variant of the video repair software called Remo Repair MOV to repair your MOV and MP4 files. Be sure to check it out!

4 Best Ways to Reduce the Size of Video Files Without Quality Loss

In today’s world, a video is the most consumed form of content. It’s not wrong to say videos can speak a million words. All your social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube use ‘videos’ as the major form of content to speak to users.

Compress video files

Although videos provide an effective means of communicating content and other advantages, they do occupy a very large space. So you may not be able to share it over email or upload to your blog without reducing the size or compressing them. So this article will help you with the best solutions to reduce the size of your video file without loss in quality. Both downloadable software, as well as web versions, is available for compressing videos; please follow along as we look both of these in detail.

Solution 1: VLC player

VLC media player although is a great choice for streaming multiple kinds of video files but also for compressing them. To compress a video in VLC player is fairly simple, just follow the steps below.

  1. First, download and install VLC player if you don’t have it in your system
  2. Then click on Media > Convert/Save
  3. Click Add to choose your video file to compress
  4. Once again click Convert/Save to give you options for conversion. In the drop-down menu, select an option based on what kind of compression you want to achieve.
  5. Click Start for VLC to compress your file

However, if you want to further reduce the file size, click on the Settings button next to the Profile drop-down and select Resolution. Manually change the settings to compress your video and save the changes. You should now have a further compressed file.

Solution 2: QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is not only used as a default player for MOV files, but you can do a lot more with it like, for instance, it can be used to compress video files. To compress a file, click on File and then click Open File. Once the video is loaded, once again click File > Export As; in the flyer that opens, select a suitable resolution and save the file.

Solution 3: Handbrake

It is an open source video transcoder that supports a variety of video formats. Just download this software and compress your file. Although this has a learning curve and you are required to know how to manually adjust settings to reduce your file, this software may be worth your while if you regularly compress your videos.

Solution 4: Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an online tool to manage videos. Using this software you can edit, convert, record and compress videos. This is a paid service and if you are someone who manages and uses videos regularly, this is a good investment.

Note: Now that we’ve seen different ways to compress video files, it is particularly to pay close attention to the fact that compressing video files is nothing but removing some details in the file. Hence, it is important that you know what attributes you are manipulating, so the loss in quality is minimal.

Repair video files

If your video file is corrupt or damaged due to frequently changing file formats or due to virus attacks or due to any reason, you don’t need to worry because there are tools like Remo Repair MOV to help you repair them. This software provides the best solution to repair MOV and MP4 videos. It works without damaging your original video, so you have no reason to worry.

Whether the videos are blurry, the audio-video is out of sync, or the  MP4 videos are refusing to play, all these issues can be repaired easily by Remo Repair MOV. Download a trial and give it a try!

How to Convert AVI Videos to MP4 Without Quality Loss

AVI, short for Audio Video Interleave is a type of video format that provides superior quality. It is usually made up of a variety of codecs but the most common ones are DivX and XviD. Since it is developed by Microsoft, this format can easily be played on Windows Media Player, VLC player etc. But it is not very friendly with QuickTime Player and in general on Mac devices.

In order to be able to play AVI videos on other devices and media players, you can convert it to MP4. MP4 is a video format that is similar to MOV but designed to be compatible with almost all hardware devices and media players.

So let us see how to convert AVI videos to MP4 easily without losing the original quality of AVI files. This can be done using the VLC player as it is not only a media player but also plays the role of a video converter. This software converts your AVI files to MP4 while retaining original quality.

Convert AVI videos to MP4 using VLC Media Player

Convert AVI to MP4

Now let’s move on to the process of converting AVI videos to MP4. For this, download and install VLC player if you don’t have it already and then follow the steps below.

  1. Launch VLC player and in the menu bar at the top, select Media > Convert/Save
  2. Then click on Add to choose the videos you wish to convert
  3. Click on the Convert/Save button
  4. Next, choose where you want to save the converted file and also name the file
  5. Select MP4 as the output format under Profile
  6. Finally, click on Start to convert your file

VLC Player will convert your file and save it in a location you specified. Now that you have converted your AVI file to MP4, you can easily play it on any media player of your choice and also on all your hardware devices whether Mac or Windows.

Repair MP4 files

There may be situations where your MP4 file doesn’t play as expected. Or in other cases, the playback could be blurry; you could have audio-video sync issues or a variety of other problems. Why does this happen? These issues are due to corruption in MP4 files that occurs when you try to play the file in an incompatible media player or when you convert the file to other formats multiple times. It can also happen as a result of an interruption during the transfer of video files.

But whatever the reason is for corruption, we have a solution for you. Remo Repair MOV is the perfect tool to repair issues with MP4 files. Whether they are virus infected files or have file header/structure issues due to other reasons as mentioned above, they can all be repaired by the software.

Remo Repair is also capable of repairing HD quality videos and MOV files in addition to MP4 videos. Along with these features, the software also offers a simple interface that makes repairing MP4 and MOV files a breeze. Also, it provides a free trial using which you can repair your file for free! Try it now!

Fix Extract All Option is Missing in ZIP File Right-Click Context Menu

Zip Extract All

Windows operating system offers an inbuilt support to extract compressed ZIP files. If you right-click on any ZIP file saved in Windows computer, you will get an option called “Extract All”. This Extract All option is to unzip the ZIP archive without using any third party extracting tools. This Extract All option allows you to extract the contents of a ZIP file into your desired folder and automatically opens the folder after completion of the extraction process.

But, some Windows users reported that they are missing this Extract All option. Usually, this happens because of incorrect .zip file association, when the context menu handler registry key is deleted/missing or if any third-party ZIP or unzip software overwritten the “Extract All” option.

And, here is how to solve Extract All button is missing from ZIP file right-click menu problem.

How to Fix Extract All Option is Missing from ZIP File Right-Click Menu?

Method 1: Use REG File

  1. Log in to your Windows computer as Administrator.
  2. Download HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CompressedFolder\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\{b8cdcb65-b1bf-4b42-9428-1dfdb7ee92af} REG file and save it in a folder where you can access it easily.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded .reg file and select Run option when you are prompted by Windows security warning.
  4. Click on the Yes button if, Registry Editor asks whether you want to import the registry settings into your .reg file.

Once the REG file is imported successfully into your registry settings, right-click on your ZIP file. The “Extract All” option will be showed up.

Method 2: Fix the ZIP Button using Windows Explorer

In case, the ZIP button in File Explorer is not working or the option is grayed out, you can try these steps and solve the issue easily.

  1. Open Control Panel and select Default Programs.
  2. Choose Set your default programs option.

Else press Windows and R keys together and type in control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms.

  1. Select File Explorer from the list of shown programs.
  2. Click on Set this program as default option.

These techniques solve Extract All button is missing from the ZIP file right-click context menu problem.

Additional Information:

Sometimes a ZIP file fails to extract or refuses to open even after trying several troubleshooting methods. Usually, you may encounter ZIP/ZIPX file not opening or ZIP file not extracting issue if the archive is corrupted or damaged due to any cause.

If so, then make use of an effective ZIP file repair toolkit like Remo ZIP File Repair, a recommended software to fix severely corrupted or damaged ZIP archive in a few simple steps.

This utility is enough capable to solve any ZIP file error including unspecified error extracting ZIP file Windows 10. Get the free download of this tool on any version of Windows operating system and repair your broken, inaccessible or damaged ZIP file in a matter of minutes.

Fix: Outlook Closes Immediately after Opening

Fix Outlook closes after opening

Are you having trouble keeping Outlook open?

Whether you’re using Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007, it is important to understand that no Outlook version is perfect. Although Microsoft fixes bugs regularly and provides better features in each successive version, no Outlook user is completely free from problems.

Ever encountered a problem where you open Outlook but it closes immediately? If yes, you are in the right place because we are going to help you resolve this problem using some simple solutions.

Solution 1: Repair Microsoft Office

Your Outlook may be behaving this way, possibly due to some inherent problem with Office. This can be repaired using the Repair feature that is already available in your system.

To repair Microsoft Office, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Start button and select Settings
  • Select Apps > Apps & Features
  • Select Microsoft Office and click Change

Then follow the instructions in the repair wizard to repair Office. You can select Quick Repair if the severity of the problem is low. So try this first, but if it doesn’t help solve your problem, click Online Repair for a more detailed repair process.

Once the repair process is complete, restart your system and launch Outlook to check if the problem is resolved.

Solution 2: Disable add-ins

Although add-ins enhance the experience of using Outlook and provide some useful features, they can sometimes cause conflicts and errors. This problem can be resolved by disabling the add-ins.

  • Open Outlook and click on File > Options
  • Select Add-ins > COM Add-ins from the Manage drop-down menu
  • Then click on Go
  • Uncheck all the add-ins that are enabled and restart Outlook

Now if Outlook works normally, then select one add-in that was selected earlier and restart Outlook. Repeat for all the add-ins. If the error reproduces, the selected add-in is the one causing trouble and needs to be disabled.

Solution 3: Use Remo PST Repair software

If the above solutions don’t help you resolve the problem with Outlook, then it is most likely an issue with the PST file. PST file is nothing but a data file that stores all Outlook data on your computer. This file can get corrupted due to various reasons such as improper handling of Outlook, PST file exceeding size limit or bad sectors on the storage area where PST files are stored.

When this PST file is corrupted, you may face various issues like difficulty in opening Outlook (like in this case) or other error messages like ‘Outlook PST cannot be opened’ etc.

Repair Outlook opening issues using Remo Repair software

In order to repair Outlook, it is imperative that you repair the associated PST file and for this purpose, there is no better way than to use Remo Repair PST. It is a tool specialized in repairing all kinds of PST files like oversized, compressed or password-protected files.

All corruption issues from simple to complex ones can be fixed using this tool. Once the PST file is fixed, import the repaired file to Outlook and get your Outlook back to working again. Isn’t that cool? Remo Repair works with all versions of Outlook and Windows, so you don’t need to bother about compatibility too. What’s more? Download a trial version for free and check out the software.