Mac File Repair Utilities

Repair Files on Mac

Generally Mac system is meant for data security, as it owns inbuilt security features that enhances in removing regular threats. However, many Mac OSX users still come across various issues while accessing files especially media files. Digital media files include audio files, video clippings, picture files and many more that often end up with unknown errors. Most commonly users face irregularities while accessing AVI, MOV and PSD file types.

While playing AVI and MOV video files, you may encounter unusual behaviors like video getting struck while sound keeps playing or distorted colored blocks interrupting the file to play normally, etc. Similarly, while accessing / editing Photoshop PSD images, you may find difficulty to accomplish your task. All these circumstances are as a result of file corruption / damage. In order to repair files Mac, you have to rely on appropriate and reliable file repair utility. In this regard, Remo Repair Mac is the perfect repair utility that explains how to repair files on Mac and is exclusively designed for fixing corrupt, damaged and broken PSD, MOV & AVI files on Macintosh system. The software helps to fix files on Mac of various digital media types within a matter of minutes. Remo Repair Mac has a separate build that efficiently helps to fix PSD file on Windows OS based computer and laptops by using Windows versions of PSD Repair Tool.

Eye Catching Features of Remo Repair Mac program:

  • Remo Repair Mac tool fixes corrupted files after synchronization errors, header corruption, virus infection and other reasons on Mac system
  • It has advanced algorithms, which scans and repairs each and every part of the damaged video or your Photoshop PSD file
  • The wizard helps in repairing files on Mac and provides precise results as you expected, without changing original contents of corrupted MOV (.mov, and .mp4), AVI (.avi, .divx, and .xvid) and PSD (.psd, .pdd) files
  • Remo Mac Repair Tool also provides option to preview the fixed files before saving it on your Mac OSX system
  • Demo version can also be used to view repaired files before purchasing the licensed version of the product

Note: Windows build of Remo Repair software helps to repair damaged AVI files captured on various DSLR cameras and camcorders brands.


Remo Repair Mac app can fix files that have undergone the following corruption scenarios:

  • Malicious Virus Infection: Even though Mac system is secured from viruses, media files like AVI, MOV and PSD gets corrupted due to harmful spyware like Trojan horse, etc. that leads to inaccessibility of the files as a result of header corruption, file system corruption, read/write errors and many more
  • File Transfer Issues: Incomplete transfer process due to interruptions or error occurrence while moving files from Mac system to any external storage media or visa-versa may corrupt the files severely
  • Compatibility Issues: When files created using one version of application is accessed in another non compatible version of the application, it may corrupt files due to compatibility issues
  • Other Reasons: In other cases, files on Mac system can also get damaged due to source file issues, disk failure errors, improper upgradation of application that is used to access files, improper termination of application and unexpected system shutdown while accessing the files, etc.

Mac file repair utilities provide great assistance to solve various issues related to media files by repairing files on Mac OS X. Users can eminently fix MOV, MP4, AVI XVID, DIVX , PSD and PDD files stored on system hard drive, memory card, iPod, iPhone, USB drive or other external storage drives on Macintosh machine. And, it also provides demo version of the utility to have prior knowledge about fixing corrupted files. On other hand, this application is flexible with various editions of Mac OS such as Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), Lion (Mac OS X 10.7), and Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8). It provides separate utilities to Repair MOV on Windows hard drive. Thus, the software proves to be useful when you want to fix MOV files on Mac, Repair AVI on Mac, and Repair PSD on Mac based devices such as MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, etc.

Remo Repair Mac is an expert recommended tool to fix files on Mac OS X based desktops and laptops. Also, Remo Mac Repair utility has got good reviews from customer for delivering excellence in fixing files on Mac without much efforts easily and quickly.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Take backup of all precious files and save them on secured storage devices that helps to rescue from unwanted corruption issues.
  • Have a strong power source to avoid uninterruppted transfer and download process.
  • For installing Remo Repair Mac tool make reliable free space.