Remo Repair Help

Can I Fix a Split ZIP File???

Yes!!! You can fix a split ZIP file using Remo Repair ZIP software. This is possible because all internal data and structures of a split ZIP files are identical to those spanned ZIP files. Only the difference is in their file names like the split ZIP files will have mysplit.z01, mysplit.z02, mysplit.z03 etc names, whereas the spanned ZIP file will have name.

Therefore, Remo Repair ZIP software can easily fix split ZIP files. Adding to this, the tool also repairs encrypted, password protected, large sized ZIP files on all version of Windows operating system. Please follow the below procedure to fix your split ZIP file using Remo Repair software:

  • 1. Download and install Remo Repair
  • 2. Launch the software
  • 3. Click on “Browse” button to choose the folder where the split ZIP files are present
  • 4. After which, click on “Repair” button
  • 5. Once the repair process gets completed, the tool displays the contents of the repaired ZIP file
  • 6. At last, save the repaired ZIP archive to your desired destination location