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Corrupt file message when extracting a Zip file

“After months of searching for my favorite game file, finally I found the file and immediately started downloading it. The game file was compressed in Zip format. It almost took around 5 hours to complete the download process and after completion when I tried to extract the game file, an error message popped up which said that the Zip file which I downloaded is corrupt and invalid. I’m very frustrated now! Why I am getting corrupt file message while extracting a Zip file? Can anyone help me with my corrupt Zip file?”

Compression of files is very important these days as it can be used to save memory space on computer hard disk. Zipping is one way through which you can accomplish this task. In order to compress your files in Zip format you can make use of utilities such as WinZip, 7- Zip etc. However similar to other compression techniques even Zip files become corrupt and display many error messages while extracting its contents; some of the common reasons for Zip file corruption are explained in the below paragraph:

Zip files corruption reasons:

There are numerous reasons due to which Zip files get corrupt such as extracting the contents of Zip file using unauthorized third party application, improper recovery of Zip file, changing the file extension of Zip file, bad sectors on storage media where Zip files is stored, deadly virus / malware infection of Zip file, file system corruption, power failure, registry error etc.


  • Re-download the whole Zip archive again if it is still available. If you're lucky the Zip file might get downloaded without errors the second time (OR)
  • Re-download only the bad file instead of the whole archive file, if you know the exact corrupt file name

However, even after downloading the file if you encounter the same Zip error problem then you need to download and use Remo Repair software to extract the contents of corrupt Zip file.

Remo Repair would be your right choice in this kind of situation; the utility does rigorous scanning of your corrupt Zip file and extracts each and every file from it. The tool has the capability to repair Zip files of more than 4 GB file size. More to this the tool is compatible to run on computers running on Windows XP/ Vista / 7 and 8 operating system. Furthermore repairs password protected, encrypted and severely corrupt Zip archive.

Salient features:

  • The tool repairs both Zip / ZipX file format
  • Does not add or modify the original Zip file while repairing
  • The tool is 100% free from viruses / malwares
  • Allows you to preview the contents of the repaired Zip file before saving process