How to Fix a Large PowerPoint File?

This page describes some handy methods to fix a large presentation file that has some issues while sending through the mail or has been stopped working normally.

Case 01:

Picture this! You stayed late at the office because your PowerPoint file refused to depart from your outbox. You kept on sending the file again and again…but you failed! Due to large file size issue, it was not possible you to send the presentation file and you crossed the deadline.

How bad it is! Sometimes, PowerPoint file size issues are totally frustrating and upset. Here are some easy hacks for fixing large PPT file size problems. Look at the tremendous work these tricks can do your troublesome PPT file!

# Compact the images

Well, the image file with high resolution tends to be of large size. This makes your entire presentation file heavy and you may be unable to upload the file or send as an attachment. So, the easy way to resolve this issue is to compress the image files. This is one of the expert advised method, which has very fewer chances of failure.

# Remove unused/unnecessary Master slides

Deleting the Master slides that are not in use will trim your PPT file to some extent. This method is not that effective as compressing image files though. But it will cut down a little part of file size.

# Embedding fonts

No matter what fonts the readers or your clients are having on their computers, if you embed the font they will be able to read it easily. But embedding a font will increase the file size.

Luckily, Microsoft has a solution for this. It provides you an option to embed only the characters available in the presentation file. This option will definitely help you in reducing the file size.

# Make use of links instead of embedding videos

You can just paste the links of respective videos which you are including in your presentation slides as an alternative to video embedding. This is actually a great idea for the files that includes videos and Excel work sheets.

Case 02:

You are presenting your project presentation and suddenly you notice one of the following behaviors:

  • Text is overlapping
  • Some objects are dispositioned on the slide
  • Animations are not working properly in the way they are supposed to

Since it is a presentation, your PPT file might consist of many images, Master slides and videos that clearly indicates that the file is quite large in size. And it also true that large file size may lead to file corruption. But no worries, you may be able to fix large PPT files using following steps:

  • Choose a blank presentation file and save it
  • Go to Home tab and choose the drop-down menu available at the New Slide
  • Click on Reuse Slides option
  • Click Browse followed by selecting Browse File option
  • Locate and open your source PPT file
  • Select Keep source formatting under Reuse Slides panel
  • Now, right-click the first slide in the Reuse Slides panel and select Insert All Slides
  • Finally, save the new presentation file and reuse it

If the above method doesn’t work in large PPT file repair, then try this below method.

# Remo Repair PowerPoint Tool to repair large MS PowerPoint files

With the help of Remo Repair PowerPoint Software, you can easily fix any size of PPT file that has been corrupted or not working properly. To do this, perform below steps:

  • Download and install Remo Repair PowerPoint software
  • Run the tool and follow on-screen procedure
  • Browse to select corrupted file
  • Click Repair option to start the repair process
  • As the repair process gets completed, a window will appear showing that PowerPoint File is Repaired Successful
  • Choose the destination location to save the repaired PowerPoint file

Apart from PPT file format, this utility helps in fixing other file formats such as PPTX and PPS. Not only this, the tool will repair the file created using PowerPoint 2010 and other versions of MS PowerPoint application like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2016.

It doesn’t affect the original source file while repairing. Instead, it will create a new file and transfer all the data to the newly created ones. It recovers all the PowerPoint slides with attributes like the table, animation, word art, image, text, graphs, hyperlinks, sounds etc.