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How can I fix WinZip error WZ54?

Many of the significant files downloaded from Internet are of Zip file format. Zip is a file compression technique used to compress one or several huge files into a single file. While being a convenient, efficient and reliable way for storing and archiving information, many users compress their important documents in Zip format. However, Zip file corruption can be a real pain in the neck as it displays many error notifications while extracting contents from the Zip file. One common and most frustrated error notification encountered by users is wz54, for example consider the below scenario.

“You downloaded few important files which were compressed in Zip format. You started extracting, everything was going fine, then *blip* an error box pops up. It said ‘Error: Invalid compressed data to inflate’ you didn’t know what the error message stated so you went to help file by pressing F1. All it gave you was Message WZ54, the error occurred during internal Zip processing. So you are now looking for a way to fix WinZip error WZ54”

Reasons for WinZip file displaying WZ54 error:

  • Extracting the contents of a Zip file which is compressed using a method that is unknown to your version of WinZip
  • May be header of the Zip file has broken link, therefore it cannot open the file missing
  • Broken downloads of a Zip file due to interruptions like power failure, network inconsistency, sudden system termination etc

However, whatever may be the reason for WinZip displaying WZ54 error message, you can overcome it using two techniques. One is by re-downloading the same Zip file again and may be this time your WinZip file gets downloaded without errors, Second is by utilizing a WinZip repair utility to repair your corrupt WinZip file

Remo Repair:

Remo Repair is a widely used and highly rated repair utility that helps you fix WinZip error WZ54 and extracts each and every file from it. The simple to use interface of the software makes it easier to operate Remo Repair software. The utility has the capability to fix error WZ54 WinZip error caused due to any reasons. More to this the tool is compatible to run on all the latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Furthermore, supports repairing of encrypted, large sized and password protected Zip / ZipX archive.