How Does Mp3 File Get Corrupted?

“MPEG-1 audio layer-3” is commonly known as MP3 files. It is a popular compressed audio file format, which can be easily played on the computer through media player softwares like VLC, Microsoft's Windows Media Player, as well as on iPods and other handheld music players. However, similar to other video file formats, MP3 files users also faces a lot of problems while playing it on media player. The root cause of this problem is MP3 file corruption and once the MP3 gets corrupt then you can’t open or play it on any media player.

Reasons due to which MP3 file get corrupt:

  • Improper system termination when MP3 file was in playing mode ends with file corruption.
  • Bad sectors on your system hard disk drive will makes your MP3 file inaccessible.
  • Spyware or Malware attack on the MP3 file header is another common reason for file corruption.
  • Sudden power failure while copying the MP3 file from other external device to your computer also results in file corruption.
  • Improper compression and incomplete downloading of MP3 file are the other reasons for MP3 file corruption.

Safety measures to avoid MP3 file corruption:

  • Install updated version of antivirus program in your system
  • Take a backup of your important MP3 files
  • Use strong power source to avoid sudden system termination
  • Don’t interrupt the file downloading process in between