Quick Solution to Fix MS Word BEX Error

Common symptoms of Microsoft Word BEX error

  • Frequently computer crashes and displays Word Error BEX while running the program
  • Occasionally computer freeze for a period of time
  • Word error BEX will appear and crash the current application window
  • Windows runs slowly and keyboard or mouse input is sluggish

What causes MS Word BEX error?

There are many reasons why Word BEX error occur including virus, malware, registry errors or redundant application installation. Besides this, Word BEX error and other critical errors can happen when your Windows OS becomes corrupted. If this is unknown to you or if you are wondering how I can fix Microsoft Word BEX error, then just continue with the solution explained below to fix Word crashing error.

Manual solution to fix Microsoft Word BEX error

Here is a step-by-step guide for fixing BEX error of MS Word and the same can also be applied to Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel.

1. Open MS Word in Safe mode and click File button.

2. At the bottom end, you will find Options icon.

3. Under Options, click on Add-Ins and you will find Manage Add-Ins.

4. Choose COM Add-Ins and click Go icon to list all available Add-Ins.

5. Uncheck COM Add-Ins, then click OK button and restart the program in normal mode.

Quick and automated solution to fix start-up MS Word BEX error

If you still suffer from BEX error after performing the set of commands listed above, then the only way is to use Remo Repair Word tool.  Being easy-to-use and read-only utility, it helps you fix Word file not opening after crash or due to any MS Word related errors. The software just extracts the content from the corrupted file and rebuilds a new Word file which can be easily accessed. Further, it recovers text, images, formatting, charts, tables, indentation and other embedded stuffs in a damaged / corrupted Word file.