How to Fix Audio-Video Sync Problems in AVI Files

Audio-video sync problem is one of the most common and annoying issues for playing AVI videos on any media players. If the synchronization value is incorrect, then the video or audio track is going to be played early or with a delay. Let’s first see why this audio / video sync problem occurs in AVI file and how to fix audio-video out of sync issues.

What causes audio/video sync in AVI file?

  • Trying to play an AVI video on unsupported media player
  • Abrupt termination of computer while playing AVI file
  • AVI file severely attacked by deadly virus and malware threats
  • CRC error while transferring AVI video over network and so forth

Important: It is recommended to make a copy of your AVI video file before trying to adjust audio video sync in AVI file by any method, just to be on the safe side.

Method 1: Adjust audio tracks to a video by VLC

To fix audio/video sync in AVI file, you apparently need the VLC application. It is available for all platforms from Windows to Mac, so it will be good to follow this method with whatever you use.

1. Go to Preferences from the VLC menu.

2. Click Audio icon and press All option to display more audio preferences.

3. Search for Audio desynchronization compensation and set synching compensation backward or forward.

4. Click on Save button and play the video as normal.

After applying this solution, you will find no longer out of sync problem in AVI file. But remember that it is not a permanent solution and it will only fixes issues in the current video played in VLC.

Method 2: Use keystrokes to manually fix audio/video sync in AVI file

Keystrokes trick is great for speeding and slowing the audio stream to adjust with the video stream of AVI file. You just need to press F or G key until the AVI file is synced

F- Slow audio by 50ms

G- Speed audio by 50ms

These two methods work only on video formats that are supported by VLC. Moreover, it is not a stable solution for fixing out of sync issues in AVI file. A safe and permanent solution is to use Remo Repair AVI software to permanently fix audio video sync in AVI file to obtain a healthy AVI with audio-video perfectly synchronized.