Avoid Word File from Getting Corrupt

Microsoft Word is the feasible application to create professional as well as informal documents like memos, letters, term papers, reports, etc. But, there are number of factors that may cause Word file corruption which might stuck you into endless troubles.

In this page, you will learn how to prevent Word file corruption and tips that can help you to repair corrupt Microsoft Word file as well as regain access to Word file contents.

How to avoid Word file from getting corrupt?

  • Always keep MS Office up to date. Go to Help -> check for Updates and set that to check automatically for updates.
  • Do not use Drag-and-drop editing. Instead use Cut and Paste.
  • Never change format of DOC and DOCX file frequently.
  • Try to use View menu -> Styles for all formatting to avoid direct formatting for anything.
  • Do not use Track Changes instead use Compare Documents (it is found under Tools -> Track Changes –> Compare Documents…). This will gives you the same result, but doesn’t corrupt the document.

Gain access to DOC / DOCX file with a few simple tips

Confirm your document is not corrupt: Attempt to open other Word file on your computer. If other Word files are opening on the same system, it confirms that your document is not corrupted rather the problem exists with Microsoft Word utility.

Check file system error by running CHKDSK: If file level corruption lies in the Word file, you can run CHKDSK command. It may fix the errors in the document and gain accessibility. Otherwise, you will be able to understand the cause behind the problem.

Use Open and Repair feature: MS Word provides inbuilt Open and Repair feature to repair the Word file and restore its data. To access the document, follow the below listed steps:

1. As per the version of Word you are using, launch Open dialog box.

2. In the Open dialog box, select the Word file that needs to be fixed.

3. Press the arrow key next to Open icon and click Open and Repair.

Remo Repair Word tool to fix and recover corrupt Word document

If the above mentioned troubleshoot methods don’t fix corruption in Word document and access its attributes, then use Remo Repair Word software. It is especially designed to repair corrupted, damaged and inaccessible DOC / DOCX files. Moreover, it also fixes and retrieves all Word components like text, tables, charts, OLE objects, hyperlinks, etc. Tool is extremely secure as it does not modify the original contents of the Word file rather it only extracts it and generates a new fixed Word document in just few clicks.