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How to Fix Corrupted Files on External Hard Drive?

Using external hard drive to backup important computer data is very common these days. These devices allow users to store huge amount of important files like documents (PSD, PPT, DOC), video (MOV, MP4, AVI, XVID, DIVX), compressed files (ZIP, RAR) and many others. People more often than not use external drives because it provides users with features such as small size, portable, reliable, huge storage capacity, etc. However, sometimes you encounter problems from these external hard drives like file corruption and damage.

There are several reasons due to which files from external hard drive goes corrupt, some of the main reasons include virus infection on external drive, using the same external hard drive on multiple operating platforms like Windows, Mac etc, external hard drive hardware malfunction, interruptions while moving files from external hard drive to computer, improper file recovery from external hard drive and many others.

Way to fix corrupted files on portable hard drive:

  • Fixing corrupted files on external drive using Remo Repair software is very easy all you need to do is connect the external drive to a healthy Windows / Mac computer.
  • And once the drive is detected run Remo Repair software, the application automatically detects the connected external hard drive. So that you can select the corrupted files and repair them successfully.
  • Adding to this the tool has the capability to fix corrupted files on different types of external storage device such as Pen drives, Thumb drives, iPods, MP4 players, Portable hard drives and many others.

Note: However, it is always recommended not to save the repaired file back onto the same external hard drive.