Photoshop CS6 Brush Lag Fixed

Many users reported that there are getting brush lag after installing Photoshop CS6 on their system. This brush lag problem also occur in other versions of Photoshop such as Photoshop CS5/CS2 and as well as on both Windows PC / Mac machine.

What does Photoshop brush lag mean?

Photoshop brush lag means the stroke will take about a second or more to appear on the computer screen. Brush lag problem makes it extremely difficult to paint or draw, because the Brush Tool is not matching the speed at which you are trying to draw each stroke.

So how to fix Photoshop brush lag issue? Let’s take a look at these quick solution mentioned here:

  • Try to delete the unused workspace in Photoshop
  • Set image previews to ‘Never Save’ and turn the cache levels to 1
  • Turn the drawing mode from Advanced to Basic

Detailed guide for how to stop Photoshop brush lag problem

Solution 1: Maintain your Photoshop file size

Often, large files eventually slow down the Photoshop performance. So, here below are some instructions that you can do to ensure that the file size of Photoshop file doesn’t cause brush lag:

  • Always save your project over multiple PSD files
  • Reduce / start with a lower document resolution
  • Merge multiple layers together or flatten often

Solution 2: Use less hardware acceleration

If you are facing brush lag due to slower performance of Photoshop, then you can adjust the performance of the application according to your workflow needs. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Go to Edit and select Preferences, then click Performance tab
  • Under Graphics Processor Settings, you need to click Advanced Settings
  • Choose Basic from the drop down list of Drawing Mode 
  • To apply changes, restart Photoshop

Note: On the Mac OS X, you can find Preferences option under the Photoshop menu. But, on the Windows operating system it is under Edit as mentioned above.

Remo Repair PSD - A complete solution to a Photoshop Brush lag bug  

Above solution only work if PSD file has minor issue, but if PSD file is severely corrupted or damaged and you cannot resolve the problem with the above methods, then make use of Remo Repair PSD tool. The software is used to effectively fix damaged Photoshop files and get desired result in just few minutes. It is fully compatible on all versions of Mac and Windows operating system. Not only fixes PSD / PDD files but also restores all items including layers, bookmarks, hyperlinks, animation, images, etc. intact with Photoshop file.