How to Restrict MS Word from Changing Formatting

MS Word is the most widely used application that not only correct common typing mistakes but also try to guess the type of formatting you want based on what you are typing. At times, it’s really annoying when Word automatically decides to change the formatting of something you don’t want it do. This happens because of AutoFormat option or sometimes when the Word file is corrupted.

In case, if formatting disruption in Word file is due to corruption, then make use of Remo Repair Word tool. Along with repairing corrupt MS word files, it restores text, hyperlinks, OLE objects, tables, etc. that are embedded in the document.

Most of the AutoFormat options are on by default. To avoid auto formatting and auto corrections, you can switch them off at your convenience with simple steps. Here are few easy ways to undo a single instance of AutoFormatting:

  • Press Ctrl + Z.
  • At the top left of the window, click the Undo icon in the Quick Access toolbar
  • Use the AutoCorrect Options if it appears

Steps to restrict Word from changing formatting:

You can permanently turn-off the AutoFormat option manually to stop Word from changing your formatting. Here are the step-by-step instruction to do:

  • Click Office icon on your Word
  • Click on Word Options and select Proofing from the left hand menu
  • Press AutoCorrect options button and click the AutoFormat tab
  • List of options available are shown and select out those that you don’t want
  • After turning off the options, click on OK button

Now you can work in MS Word application the way you want instead of the way it wants you to.