Easy Ways to Protect PowerPoint Presentation File

MS PowerPoint is an effective and widely-used tool to create presentations. You can create impressive PPT with multiple formatting using PowerPoint utility. Like all other documents, the PPT file has to be taken care of as well, as sometimes, it can get corrupt due to various reasons. Once your PowerPoint file gets corrupted, all of its content will become inaccessible. So, it is always better to prevent your PowerPoint slides from corruption rather than fixing it. There are several methods that you can use to avoid PowerPoint file from being corrupted. Here is the detailed guide that provides some easy ways to protect PowerPoint presentation from being damaged.

1. Do not work directly on removable media: Don’t save your data directly on removable storage devices like CD-ROM, floppy disk or USB flash drive as they might be virus infected. Always use Windows Explorer to copy the required PowerPoint file to your hard drive, then open and work on it. After completing your work, save the PPT file from the hard disk back to your removable media.

2. Take regular backups: It is a good practice to use the Save As command on File menu rather than Save command to save the file with a new name. In case an accident happens, you have an option to go back to the previous version saved.

3. Ensure constant power supply: An interruptive power supply while working on PowerPoint presentation could corrupt the file or it can affect the read / write process of your PC resulting in corruption. In order to protect PowerPoint presentation from getting corrupted, make sure power supply is consistent.

4. Disable Allow FAST Save option: To save extremely big PowerPoint file, the Allow FAST Save is used. It saves your PPT file faster but there are chances that it could corrupt your slides. So, disable this option to protect PowerPoint file from being damaged.

5. Practice good hard drive maintenance: Standard practices includes deleting Temporary Internet Files folder, emptying the Recycle Bin and regularly running anti-virus tool.

6. Zip PowerPoint files before sending it to another user: To protect PPT file corruption, zip PowerPoint presentation before sending it as an attachment. This will reduce the PowerPoint file size and hence the chance of data corruption.

Hope the above tips gave you a brief idea on how to protect PowerPoint presentation from getting damaged. As said above, your PowerPoint files may get corrupted in one or the other way. So, always be careful and keep these preventive measures in mind while using PPT files. In case even if presentation gets corrupt, you can easily fix corrupt PowerPoint slides using Remo Repair PowerPoint tool. It is an excellent software that will effectively repair corrupted, damaged and broken slides along with its attributes like clip-art, images, tables, etc. in a simple way.