How to Record HD Videos on My Computer?

High definition videos are not always created using HD cameras, or mobiles. Even your computer can produce high-quality videos. Yes, few system users face difficulty in recording their computer screen and they go for high-resolution camcorders to do it. But, screen recording will no longer be a tough job, if you know the fact that you can record your computer screen without using any external gadgets. Want to know how to create HD screen recordings? Then follow these guidelines.

Way to produce high-quality screen recording in Windows:

Windows cutting-edge i.e. W10 version offers you an inbuilt method for recording your computer screen. Thus, you don’t have to go for any additional arrangements like camera, mobile phone etc. Implement the below-explained procedure in order to record your Windows screen and produce an HD video.

Step 1: Hold Windows and G keys together

Step 2: In emerged Game Bar, opt “Yes, this is a game

Note: If you don’t see a Game Bar then go to Xbox on your system and enable Game DVR feature.

Step 3: Hit Start Recording (Red) button

Step 4: Click on Stop (Square shaped) button after recording

Step 5: Go to C:\Users\NAME\Videos\ and find your screen recording videos (saved in MP4 format)

Procedure to create HD screen recording videos in Mac:

Mac OS provides you an easy, as well as appropriate inbuilt HD screen recording utility and all of you, are aware of it. It’s nothing but QuickTime.

QuickTime is not just a media player but it also helps you to record your Macintosh’s screen and rendering a quality video. So, here are the steps to create an HD screen recording on your Mac using QuickTime.

Step 1. Launch QuickTime, go to File and select New Screen Recording

Step 2. Click the Record key present in appeared screen recording window to start recording screen (you can record full screen or any portion you want)

Step 3. Hit the Stop button after completion of recording

Step 4: Preview and save the recorded video file onto the desired location

In case if your videos got corrupted or fail to play then you can seek the help of Remo to repair HD videos without losing their quality.