How to solve "VLC not playing MP4" Issue

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Is your VLC player not playing MP4 video clips? Don’t worry, just continue reading the page to know the reasons behind VLC player not playing MP4 files and a solution to fix the issue.

Though VLC player supports the MP4 format, sometimes we still fail to play MP4 video files in VLC player. Now, let us consider a real time scenario where VLC player is not playing MP4 files due to some errors.

“Hi, I recently downloaded some MP4 videos on my system and tried to play on Windows media player. But, it didn’t play those video clips. So, I downloaded VLC player. Unfortunately, the VLC player also failed to play those video files. Now my question is how to solve VLC not playing MP4 issue? Please help me…!”

Have you ever faced such situation, which mentioned above? Then, don’t worry, here are the reasons behind why my VLC player not playing MP4 files and ways to solve the issue.

Reason 1: Maybe your MP4 video file has become corrupt.

Reason 2: It may be due to VLC “video output modes” might have been set wrong.

Solution: In such situation, you have to configure X Server properly.

Open VLC player and then go to Tools > Preferences

In the Video tab:

  • Check the box to ensure that whether video is enabled or not (If it is not checked)
  • Check the box for Window decorations (If it is not checked for a long time)
  • Now, set the Output drop-down menu to X11 video output

At last click on “Save” button in order to save the changes that are being made and restart your VLC player.

Reason 3: Codec issue in the MP4 video file. Actually, MP4 is a video file format that contains the number of audio, video, and sometimes even subtitle streams. If MP4 file contains a VLC incompatible video codec, then such a file fails to play in VLC media player.

Solution: In this case, you need to find a more compatible MP4 video player or else convert MP4 file to VLC more supported video format.

IDealshare VideoGo is an ideal solution that can act as an ideal MP4 video player. Besides playing or converting VLC compatible video and audio format, it can even play or convert VLC unsupported formats such as WebM, OGV, AVCHD, MTS, M2T, TOD, MOD, DVR, WTV, M4V, and much more.

An alternative solution to fix VLC won’t play MP4 file:

Apart from the above two solutions, there is an easiest and ideal solution to fix MP4 video not playing in VLC. For this you need to use Remo Repair MOV software, which fixes any issues related with MP4, MOV, and other video files with great ease and make them playable on VLC, Windows media player, and all other media players within a couple of clicks. Meanwhile, this software has an ability to fix MP4 file with no sound, MP4 file with no video, GoPro video files, MP4 files lagging in VLC, and all other errors related to MP4 video file within no time. Moreover, it comes out with both Windows as well as Mac versions.