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Outlook 2003 PST Size Limit

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best means to send and receive emails and it best release was Outlook 2003. Outlook 2003 gained popularity among the users because of its user friendly features and ease operations. The one most important advantage of Outlook 2003 is it save users information like contacts, calendar, notes and other Outlook data in .pst file format. Since, this Outlook 2003 need only one PST file to store the entire data the size limit of Outlook 2003 PST may reach its maximum level very soon. Once the PST file is oversized, information available on it cannot be accessed.

If you regularly archive your old emails/data on Outlook 2003 it get saved on separate PST file thus reducing the size of Outlook.pst file and even increases the performance. You can manually archive emails in Outlook 2003. To fix this type of issues on Outlook 2003 effectively, just install and run Remo Repair Outlook.