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Outlook 2007 Problems

Everyone were very existed when Microsoft introduced a new look with Microsoft Outlook 2007 version. However as days passed by, people started complaining that they experienced many issues while using or accessing Outlook attributes. So here is a list of all common problems that you might encounter while using Microsoft Outlook 2007 application:

  • Outlook is crashing, freezing or not responding at startup
  • You receive blank messages
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 won’t connect to Microsoft Exchange Server
  • RSS Issues
  • Search Issues
  • Calendar Issues
  • Outlook Connector Issue
  • Administrator Issue

Manual methods to resolve these problems:

You receive blank messages: Disable Outlook integration or email scanning feature of your anti-virus or security program. Sometimes when composing a mail, typing does not insert characters into the body of the message. Clicking the body also does not work. Click on the To, CC, or Subject line and then click back into the body of the message.

Outlook is crashing: Disable add-ins. If you have Adobe Acrobat 6 installed, disable it’s add-in first. SnagIt’s addin will also crash Outlook. If Outlook crashes when you attempt to disable the addins, you’ll need to edit the registry. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins and change the load behavior for Acrobat, SnagIt or other non-Microsoft add-ins to 0.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 won’t connect to Microsoft Exchange 5.5: The official word is as follows: “Microsoft continuously strives to provide a consistent and predictable end-of-life-cycle experience for all of its products. In accordance with standard Microsoft life-cycle policies Exchange 5.5 ended extended life-cycle support on January 10th, 2006. As a result, Outlook 2007 will not support Exchange 5.5. Because neither the Outlook nor Exchange team is supporting this combination we will not discover and / or fix issues that crop up as the result of innovations in both products. Rather than subjecting customers to potential serious issues like data loss or frequent server downtime we choose to prevent Outlook from connecting to these older and now unsupported servers. Our research has shown that there is a relatively small set of customers who want to upgrade their desktops to the latest and greatest versions of Office and run server technology as old as Exchange 5.5. There are clearly exceptions but they don’t seem to be the norm.”

RSS Issues: When deleting an RSS feed on one machine while multiple Outlook clients are running against the same store, the entry in the Account Manager for the feed does not get removed. If you delete an RSS feed’s folder from one machine, the folder’s deletion will roam to all of your other clients. The entry in the Account Manager for that feed will remain on all of the other machines until you reboot them. When adding RSS feeds through the Account Manager it doesn’t work. The first time you add an RSS feed through the Account Manager it will not get added correctly. Once you close and re-open the Account Manager, all subsequent feeds will get added correctly.

Search Issues: Official comments on Outlook 2007 requiring Windows Desktop Search. “Outlook has worked closely with the MS Search team to develop a version of our Instant Search functionality that leverages the new Windows Desktop Search 3.0 platform. These changes have required a significant investment in converting the underlying architectures of the Outlook application and as such have introduced changes into the end-user experience, specifically around configuring the new Outlook 2007 application and the need to install Windows Desktop Search 3.0.

Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3.0 is a native component of Vista, and is being shipped separately as a system component through Windows Update for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users. WDS is a system service that indexes file, email and other content in order to provide fast searches over content and properties. It is an upgrade to all previous 2.x versions of Windows Desktop Search you may currently use.

Use effective third party tool:

The above listed issues are few most common problems that you encounter while using Microsoft Outlook 2007 application. However more often than not, these problems are associated with Outlook data file (PST). To eliminate the problem you need to fix the PST file using reliable repair utility like Remo Repair Outlook. Click on Remo Repair Outlook to enquire more abou this application.