Solve Outlook Not Responding Issue When Sending Emails

When you try to send an email in Microsoft Outlook, the application freezes, or you may receive the error: Outlook Not Responding

Typically, Outlook not responding error message appears due to a number of reasons. Among those, few key causes are listed below-

  • Out-dated Outlook or Office application
  • Outlook data file corruption
  • Conflicts with other programs
  • Automatic downloading of external contents in an email
  • Mailbox reaching its maximum storage limit
  • User profile corruption
  • Faulty/preinstalled add-ins
  • Issues with antivirus software
  • Outlook is in use by another program

Since causes are different, there are several troubleshooting methods to fix Outlook not responding error. So, follow the below-explained fixes one after the other and get rid of Outlook not responding when sending emails.

Fix 1: Update Your Office Application

Check for the availability of latest updates for your Office applications. Download and install them.

Fix 2: Issues with Other Programs

If you are seeing Outlook not responding error due to conflicts between Outlook and other programs, then Selective Startup or Clean Boot will surely help you out to solve the issue.

First, run Selective startup using below steps-

  • Go to Control Panel and select System and Security
  • Opt Administrative Tools, then System Configuration
  • Switch to General tab and then click on Selective startup
  • Disable Load startup items
  • Enable Load system services check box and Restart

If the problem still persists, try the below-mentioned methods.

  • Go to System Configuration and select Services tab
  • Click on Disable all and enable the first service that is listed
  • Restart the computer

Check whether the first service is causing the problem. If not, check the second service and then restart the computer. Do this for rest of services until you find the culprit.

Now, check startup item which is creating the problem. To do that, follow these steps-

  • In General tab of System Configuration, check the Load startup items
  • Then follow the same procedure mentioned for finding system services which are creating problem

Fix 3: Auto-Downloading External Contents in an Email

If you are facing Outlook not responding issue due to external contents, then use the following method to solve your problem.

  • Go to File tab and select Options
  • Switch to Trust Center and opt Automatic Download
  • Select the appropriate option out of these:

1. Don't download pictures or other content automatically in HTML e-mail option.

2. Warn me before downloading content when editing, forwarding, or replying e-mail.

It helps to avoid downloading external contents in an email.

Fix 4: Mailbox Reaching the Maximum Storage Limit

To solve the issue either split your larger folder or create an archive using an AutoArchive feature. For creating a new folder,

  • Go to Folder tab and press New Folder
  • Type a name in the name box
  • Select the location to save your new folder

Fix 5: User Profile Corruption

Check whether the corrupted user profile is causing the problem. To verify this, create a new user profile and use that. If there is no problem while using new user profile, there must be a problem with your profile. So, move all your data from corrupted user profile to this newly created profile.

Fix 6: Faulty Add-Ins

There are few add-ins which clang with Outlook and causes Outlook not responding error. Hence, try to run Outlook without any add-ins.

You can disable add-ins by opening Outlook app in safe mode using below method:

  • Open Run window
  • Type Outlook.exe /safe and hit OK
  • Now, go to File, select Options
  • Choose Add-Ins, then COM Add-ins, and Go
  • Uncheck all the Add-ins in the list and click on OK button
  • Restart the computer

If you didn’t get any error after disabling add-ins, then it must be Add-ins problem. And, to find which add-in is causing the problem, enable only one Add-ins at a time and try to send an email.

Fix 7: Issues in Antivirus Software

If you are having an outdated antivirus, then you are likely to get this error. So, fix it by disabling all Outlook integration within the antivirus software. Or, you can disable Outlook Add-ins associated with antivirus software.

Fix 8: Outlook Data File Corruption

When Outlook data file gets corrupted, you will get this kind of error. To solve Outlook not responding error while sending email, you need to use Inbox Repair tool and fix the corrupted Outlook data file.

If it fails, make use of Remo Outlook Repair tool to fix the corrupted Outlook data files. And, here are the steps to fix corrupt Outlook files using Remo Outlook Repair.

Step 1: Install and launch Remo Repair Outlook app. Select the corrupt PST file using Open PST File (if you know PST location) or Find PST File (If you don’t know the PST file location) or Select Outlook Profile (If you have multiple Outlook profiles) option.

Step 2: Click on Browse button and select the new location to save repaired PST file. And, hit Repair option to initiate the repair process.

Step 3: The software allows you to Preview the contents of fixed PST file in an Outlook-styled interface. Go through it. Then, import the healthy PST into your Outlook profile.