Fix Outlook Sending Multiple Copies of Emails

Microsoft Outlook users often face problem in sending email with large attachments; the emails seem to get stuck in the Outbox folder, but it is being sent to the recipient. So, the recipient gets multiple copies of the same email. There are various reasons behind Outlook sending multiple copies of emails, but the most common is virus or malware attack.

Protection against Outlook virus attack and spam emails

When you open a spam email that has a virus, the computer gets infected. So, what exactly can be done to make your Outlook safe and secure for your PC as well as your saved data on it? An excellent way to avoid a virus infection is to think before opening a received attachment via Outlook. Never open an email message that doesn’t make sense. This tutorial provides information on how to protect your computer from Outlook virus.

Quick steps to protect Outlook against viruses

To protect your PC from getting infected with a virus received through MS Outlook, you should follow the below explained instructions:

  • Anti-virus software: Installing a good and reliable antivirus tool on your system prevents or cures your computer from virus attacks. You can even download these software for free on the net.
  • Safe attachment downloads: Make sure to download email attachments only from trusted senders or else you might end up making your system virus infected.
  • Regular data backup: It could happen that even if you take all the precautionary steps to keep your computer from virus free, anyway a virus enters it and start infecting your files. So, it is recommended to take backup of your important data for an easy access when the virus corrupts your Outlook files.
  • Turn on security features of MS Windows: Enable the firewalls to switch on the security features of Microsoft Windows to protect against virus attack.

So, with the help of these simple tips you can effectively protect Outlook / PC against viruses. In some cases, a virus attack could crash the MS Outlook application and limit your access to your data. This might be because of your PST file corruption. To resolve the issue, you need to repair Outlook PST file damaged by virus using Remo Repair Outlook tool.  It is a powerful and advanced PST file repair software that will retrieve all your emails, notes, contacts, and all other Outlook attributes without losing on data integrity.