Remo Repair Help

Payment Options for Remo Repair Products

Remo Repair is an exclusive all in one repair utility using which users can repair their corrupt or damaged AVI, MP4, MOV, PST, PPT, DOC, PSD, RAR, etc. on both Mac and Windows operating system. You can buy the software by just going to and clicking on the appropriate options. There are two payment modes using which you can buy Remo repair products one is through your “Credit Card” and the other is by using “PayPal” account.

If you use Credit Card payment mode type, you need to enter the Cardholder Name, Email address, Card number, Cards expiry date, CVC (Card Validation Code), Country and the Postal code. Popular card types such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, Diners Club are accepted. More to this, Remo Repair offers a secure gateway called SafeCart® which does not store your Credit Card numbers or shares your personal information with third parties.

The second payment mode “PayPal” allows you to easily buy Remo Repair product if you have or don’t have a PayPal account. By clicking on “PayPal” button you’ll be redirected to a window where you’ll find “Pay with my PayPal account” and “Create a PayPal account” options. Make use of create a PayPal account option to create a new PayPal account with your ATM debit or credit card. (Or) sign into your PayPal account by clicking on “Pay with my PayPal account” to buy the software.

These are the two Payment modes through which you can buy Remo Repair products, for more information and details you can contact our customer care executive by going to page.