Cool Tips and Tricks for Photoshop CC Beginners

The game of Adobe Photoshop is pretty insane!

You might have seen the very beautiful and incredible art and photo editing capabilities of Photoshop! The very first time you open up the Photoshop application, especially you’ve just boarded with Photoshop CC and don’t even know what a ‘Mask’ is used for or how to manage ‘Layers’ and many things are at a peak of confusion. Have no fear, we are here to help you out.

Here’s a super helpful Photoshop CC guide for beginners. In this tutorial, you are going to learn some tips, tricks and useful hacks what the master of Photography Terry White suggests the one to do after opening up Photoshop for the first time.

Let’s begin with top 10 tips of Photoshop CC…

# How to remove blemishes or giving a clean touch-up for a portrait

With the help of spot healing brush tool, you can smoothly merge all those areas that surround with imperfections. You can easily clean and heal all the skin blemishes including pimples and moles.

Spot healing brush is fast, but learning some keyboard shortcuts make things bit faster. Use Ctrl and Spacebar(Win) or Command and Spacebar (Mac) to zoom in the image. To zoom-out, press Alt and Spacebar and Option and Spacebar on Windows and Mac respectively.

# Working with Layers

Working with Layers is nothing but placing the portions of the drawing on clear sheets, which are then can be edited and repositioned without affecting other sheets. Once all the sheets are stacked, you can view the entire image.

# Creating a Mask

Basically, a Mask is used to hide the portions of the layer by adding it to a particular layer. Masking layers is a beautiful technique that combines multiple pictures into a single image file or removing a particular object from a picture.

There are two types of Masks you can create. One is Layer Masks, which is the resolution based bitmap images that are editing using painting tools. The next is Vector Masks, which is not resolution dependent and can be handled using pen or shape tool.

# Cropping the picture

Photoshop CC is introducing some special features to carry out the process of image cropping smoothly. With these enhancements, it is easier to jump between the original ratio setting various ratios.

# Exposure and coloring

With Photoshop CC, you can fix the issue of exposure and color casting using camera raw filters. Using eye-drop tool, you can spot the natural color, which will then correct the rest of the image. You can also adjust image brightness, contrast as well as saturation levels as per your need.

# Removing unwanted areas from an image

You can draw a rough outline around the object you want to omit from your image with the help of quick selection tool. Once done with drawing the line, press Delete and use the content-aware tool.

# How to move objects of an image

Move an object with the help of content aware move tool, which is a combination of both movement and content-aware fill in one go. You can also transfer an entire image to a new layer and turn it to create a beautiful piece of art.

# Adding text

It’s just simple. Hit the text tool and type away whatever you want to add. One of the best things about Photoshop CC is, it has tied up with cloud cooperation for font warehouse Typekit. You can browse and use various types of special fonts.

# Move the master image to new backgrounds

You can simply drag and put the foreground image to any new background image window with the help of the quick select tool. Hit ‘refine edge’ to check your cutoff.

# Saving pictures in editable and shareable formats

You can save the file in PSD format and keep all the editable data within that. If you want to make your image file as shareable through the Web, you’ll have to save it as .jpg format through Save for Web option. Then compress and optimize it for loading time.

“While PSD is used as an editable format, there are chances that a file may get damaged during the process of image editing, or due to any virus infections. So it is better to make a copy of PSD file before you do anything with that. If you don’t possess any backup and file got corrupted, then you have to use a reliable PSD file repair tool to fix the issue.”

Photoshop CC is a cloud subscription model. And it seems that the reason behind Adobe decided to minimize the subscription charges from several hundred dollars to $10 per month is to bring more and more amateurs to the world of advanced Photoshop than ever before. Only the hard part is using the software, which has already been resolved in this article!