Solved: Mac Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts are Not Working

Every now and then Photoshop users face a number of issues while using it. One of the most faced problems is Photoshop keyboard shortcuts will not work on Mac. So let us see how to come out of this problem by using the following solutions:

Method 1: Install Mac OS Updates

  • Go to Apple menu, select the Software Updates
  • Install the latest OS X Update
  • Then after the completion of installation, restart your system

After this start your Photoshop application normally and try to check for keyboard shortcuts. After the update, there are chances that few of your import files get deleted or damaged. So before proceeding to update, always maintain data backup. However, after OS installation if any of PSD files have corrupted then you can follow Mac Photoshop repair tool link to repair the file.

Method 2: Close all the background processes

It is possible that other applications use keyboard shortcuts can interfere with how Photoshop uses them. So it is suggested to Exit or Quit all other running programs or applications one by one till keyboard shortcuts work in Photoshop. This problem usually occurs due to the following process

  • Not updated 1Password
  • Not updated Chrome
  • Notability app

Method 3:

There are chances that, third-party extensions and other utilities may interfere with Photoshop’s operations. In Mac OS safe mode, just disable all the startup items and third-party extensions (Except required kernel extensions and Mac installed startup items).

Method 4:

Make sure that you have a latest Wacom driver if not then update it and restore the preferences to their default to see if the program goes away.