Fix Recovered Video Files that Won't Play

Many users are surprised to find that their video files, after being recovered or undeleted by data recovery applications, still do not open or play normally. Videos not playing after recovery are the clear sign of corruption in those video files and it ultimately make the video inaccessible.

Why recovered video files will not play?

  • File recovery utilities achieve good results on small files but not on videos due to fragmentation
  • Recovery tool can’t recover fragments of videos because they can only recognize generic and superficial file attributes

All recovery software generally make use of simple file carving techniques to retrieve deleted or lost data from selected storage drive. The Header / Footer carving is the most common file carving technique which restores data by recognizing the beginning of a file using a pattern or signature assuming that file is stored in a single piece without fragmentation. This rarely happens, because even though there is a plenty of disk space available, fragmentation often occurs as a side effect of video recording.

Why fragmentation kills recovery?

Fragmented files are split into various pieces where each piece is being stored at a distinct location. It means data is no longer contiguous. As a result, all those fragmented video which is recovered by recovery software will contain alien or unknown data. This will cause the following troubles, from less to more serious:

  • Missing video clip, footage from different clip inserted in video file
  • Incomplete recovery if the data recovery software doesn’t find footer
  • Glitches in video and audio streams
  • Video refuses to open due to inconsistency of video container
  • Possible crashes during playback

Quick solution to fix videos not playing after recovery

The only effective way on how to repair recovered video file is by using video repair software. Remo Repair AVI program is the most recommended solution for fixation of videos not playing after recovery.

  • Tool is specialized and built with advanced mechanism to repair all types of video files
  • It extract audio and video frames, fixes both the frames separately and rejoins them to render a playable video.

Why Remo Repair AVI is the right application?

Remo Repair AVI is especially designed to fix corrupted, damaged and inaccessible AVI / XVID / DIVX files that do not play after recovery. It facilitates preview feature to view the portion of repaired video before activating the licensed version. Non-destructive tool, as the toolkit works in read-only mode that just copy the contents of unplayable video file and creates a replica of original video which is playable. Therefore, it never modify or damage the original video file.