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What do you do with a RAR file?

RAR files are one type of compression technique that is utilized to compress more than one file in order to save the memory space of hard drive. If you want make use of RAR files, it is mandatory to install WinRAR application.

How to open RAR files?

  • First step is to install WinRAR application on Windows personal computer
  • After which RAR files should be downloaded from internet
  • In order to utilize RAR files, unpack its contents
  • Double click on RAR files icon to open ob WinRAR application
  • Select all files option and click on Extract to button and mention destination path
  • Click OK button at the end

Advantages of RAR files:

  • Memory of hard drive can be saved
  • Large files can be transferred without much difficulty

Essential Tips to always remember:

  • Utilize licensed or trusted antivirus software
  • Regularly keep the backup of RAR files
  • Connect your Windows system to UPS