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Why are Recovered Videos not Playing Normally?

With the availability of Data Recovery tools these days, it is easy to recover deleted or lost files. So when you lose video files, pictures, and so on, there is a data recovery tool to your rescue. But do you know whether the tool that you are using is reliable or not? How safe is your important data when handed over to third party file recovery software?

It so happens that your MOV video files are not playing after recovering using a third party data recovery software. Even though the videos have been recovered successfully, the video file fails to play or cannot be accessed. You would have spent a huge amount on recovering video files which were deleted / lost. But it all went in vain. This could be due to using unreliable third party tools which are not capable of recovering files properly.

So why don’t video files play after recovery?

Most data recovery tools restore small sized files like documents, photos of low resolution, PDF files, etc. However, as the file size keeps increasing, the chances of recovering the files successfully decreases. This could be the reason for video file not playing after recovery. In fact, even for pictures of size range from 3 to 6 MB, around 15% of the photos recovered are susceptible to corruption.

The file size of videos ranges from 100s of MBs to GBs. Thus the chances of the recovered video file not playing properly, or getting corrupted is quite high. You might ask how? The reason is disk fragmentation. Video files are large, and so video data is stored in several memory blocks which might or might not be contiguous with each other.

Operating systems do not have a problem with this as they know where data fragments are stored. But when files are deleted, data fragments are lost within thousands of blocks. Moreover, recovery software cannot retrieve video fragments as they can recognize only generic file attributes.

Such a fragmented video will cause the following issues –

  • File fails to open
  • Audio and video glitches
  • Crashes while playing video
  • Incomplete recovery by tool if footer not found

How to repair videos not playing after recovery?

You can try to convert the video file to another format, and see if it plays. For instance, if is an MOV file, convert it to AVI and see if it plays. If it doesn’t then don’t lose hope. You can still repair the corrupted video file after recovery with Remo Repair MOV tool. The software will fix recovered video files which fail to play or has become inaccessible in just a short while. It even repairs corrupted, broken, or damaged MOV and MP4 files.