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I’m getting “file format is not valid” error on my Word file. How can I fix it?

Nowadays “file format is not valid” is among the most common errors encountered while opening an existing (or) downloaded Word file. After encountering such error notification, you won’t be able to access or view the content of your Word document file. There are three main reasons due to which your Word file displays the above stated error, the reasons include

  • Deadly Malware (or) virus infection to the storage drive where Word file is stored
  • Renaming the extension of your Word file from .doc or .docx to .mp3, .pdf, .exe etc
  • Improper system termination while editing or modifying Word file


To fix such not valid Word file, Microsoft Office package has an inbuilt feature called “Open and Repair”, follow the to the below steps to utilize this feature

  • Run MS Word application, then click “File” --> “Open” as you open a Word file normally
  • Choose the Word file which is to be repaired, now rather than simply clicking on “Open” button,  click on the small arrow beside the “Open” button and choose “Open and Repair”

The inbuilt utility repairs your Word document and opens it for you; this technique works in case your document file has minimal corruption. So in case this built in feature doesn’t work then you must use one of the most used Word file repair utility i.e. Remo Repair Word.