Software to Fix Error Photoshop Could Not Parse the File

Getting “Photoshop Could Not Parse the File” Error while working with Adobe Photoshop? Wondering what caused this Photoshop cannot parse the file issue? Then, here is complete information about the error along with two easy ways to fix it.

Repair Corrupted PSD File Mac

Photoshop Cannot Parse the File

Adobe Photoshop app has a unique UI for creating graphics as per user needs. However, you might come across few tricky errors while using Photoshop application and “Adobe Photoshop cannot parse the file” error is one of them.

Causes for Photoshop Cannot Parse the File Error:

“Photoshop could not parse the file” error message might commonly occur, if

  • The PSD file which you are trying to open has a wrong file extension. For example, you saved a JPEG file with a .png
  • The Photoshop file is corrupted

In such situations, you may get the Photoshop cannot parse the file error.

How to Fix Photoshop Could Not Parse the File Error?

Step 1: Open the Finder or Windows Explorer and search the PSD file which is giving “Photoshop cannot parse the file” error. Delete the PSD file extension. Then, right-click on the file and select Open with Photoshop option. Save the file in a new location.

Step 2: Repair Corrupt Photoshop File

There are no manual methods which can help you to repair the corrupt Photoshop file. So, you need to use external PSD repair tool to fix the error “Photoshop cannot parse the file”. And, Remo Repair PSD is one such reliable tool which can help you to repair PSD file in a step-by-step procedure.

Software to Fix Photoshop Could Not Parse the File Error:

Remo Repair PSD is inculcated with advanced repairing techniques that will enable you to easily fix Photoshop cannot parse file error within a short interval of time. This Photoshop file repair software works in read-only mode, which ensures that the original PSD file is not damaged or modified. It is designed with an intuitive user interface which gives detailed instructions to users so that both the professionals as well as amateurs can use this wizard without any technical assistance. Download Remo Repair PSD program now and get your important PSD files fixed.


Fixing Adobe Photoshop Could Not Parse the File Error:

Step 1: Run Remo Repair PSD tool and click on Browse button to select the corrupt PSD file. Once you select the corrupt PSD file, click on Repair button.

Scratch Disk Error PSD CS6 - Main Screen

Step 2: After repairing corrupt PSD file with Remo Repair, you can Preview the fixed Photoshop file.

Scratch Disk Full Photoshop Cs6 Mac - Preview Repaired File

Step 3: At last, Save the repaired PSD file on your desired location.

Fix Photoshop error unexpected end of file - Save Repaired File

What Causes Photoshop File corruption?

  • More often, users directly click on the cross mark at the right upper side instead of choosing the Exit option from the File menu to quit Photoshop. This is one of the common reason for Photoshop file corruption, in turn, causes error Photoshop could not parse the file.
  • Interrupted transfer of Photoshop files due to sudden system shutdown or power failure could damage the internal structure of PSD file and shows Photoshop error cannot parse the file.
  • If the hard drive containing PSD files is corrupted or inaccessible due to unknown reasons then, Adobe Photoshop shows parse error.
  • Various other reasons like reinstalling OS, bad sectors, corruption of system files, etc. may corrupt your PSD file. Hence, Photoshop shows error about not parsing the PSD file.

Safety Measures

  • Holding multiple copies of important PSD files in a safe portable device is the best way to prevent file loss
  • Try to avoid interruptions while transferring Photoshop files
  • Never terminate your system when PSD file is opened or running in the background
  • Install updated anti-virus application on your computer to protect it from harmful viruses and external threats that may damage the system