Software to Fix Error Photoshop Could Not Parse the File


When Photoshop PSD is showing “Photoshop could not parse the file” error message, then you cannot open the file in Adobe Photoshop. This usually happens if the PSD is corrupted or have wrong file extension, for example, you saved a JPEG file with .png extension which of course cannot be read by the PNG parser. In such situations, Remo Repair PSD will effortlessly fix Photoshop error cannot parse file and makes the file contents readable.

Handy software to fix error Photoshop could not parse the file error

Remo Repair PSD is inculcated with advanced repairing techniques that will enable you to easily fix Photoshop error cannot parse file error within short interval of time. This Photoshop file repair software works in read-only mode, which ensures that the original PSD file is not damaged or modified. It is designed with intuitive user interface which gives detailed instructions to users, so that both the professionals as well as amateurs can use this wizard without any technical assistance. Download Remo Repair PSD program now and and get your important PSD files fixed.


Simple instructions for fixing error Adobe Photoshop could not parse the file error:

Step 1: First download Remo Repair PSD tool and install it on your Mac machine.

Step 2: Launch the application and on main screen, click on “Browse” icon to select corrupt PSD file.

Step 3: Once the PSD file is selected, click on “Repair” option to commence the repairing process.

Step 4: After repairing process is done, you can “Preview” the fixed Photoshop files.

Step 5: At last hit “Save” option to store repaired PSD file to any desired location on your Mac OS X.

Attractive features of Remo Repair PSD application:

  • Effective Photoshop repair tool that repairs both PSD and PDD files smoothly.
  • Simple to fix Photoshop error cannot parse file that is created on various versions of Adobe Photoshop.
  • It has the ability to recover mask files and layer along with repairing parse error in PSD files.
  • Photoshop files compressed with RLE can also be fixed using this utility.
  • Both PSD and PDD files which is having large size can be repaired swiftly.


What are the causes for showing Photoshop cannot parse file error?      

  • More often, users directly click on cross mark at the right upper side instead of choosing “Exit” option from “File” menu to quit Photoshop. This is one of the common reason for displaying error Photoshop could not parse the file.
  • Interrupted transfer of Photoshop files due to sudden Mac shutdown or power failure which could damage the internal structure of PSD file and shows Photoshop cannot parse the file.
  • Sometimes, Adobe Photoshop shows parse error, if the hard drive containing PSD files is corrupted or inaccessible due to unknown reasons.
  • Other various reasons to show error about not parsing PSD file includes following wrong procedure to reinstall Mac OS X, bad sectors, corruption of system files, etc.

Safety measures

  • Holding multiple copies of important PSD files in portable devices is the best way to prevent from file loss.
  • Try to avoid interruptions while transferring Photoshop files.
  • Never terminate your system when PSD file is opened or running in the background.
  • Install updated anti-virus application on your computer to protect from harmful viruses and external threats that may damage the system.