Repair Accidentally Corrupted PSD File

Repair Corrupted PSD File Mac

Sometimes it happens like while saving Photoshop file on Mac you may unknowingly change the file extension of PSD file. When you try to open such PSD files you often get error messages and hence could not access the file contents. This is because you might have accidentally corrupted the PSD file. In these situations, you need a Photoshop file repair utility like Remo Repair PSD for repairing accidentally corrupted Photoshop files.

How to repair accidentally corrupted Photoshop file with Remo Repair PSD software

Many industry experts recommended Remo Repair PSD program to fix accidentally corrupted Photoshop files. With the help of highly advanced repair techniques that are embedded in this tool, any severely corrupted PSD files will be repaired without causing any damage to its original contents. Using friendly interface of this wizard, any common user can easily repair corrupt PSD file having different color modes such as RGB, CMYK, GREY, INDEX, etc.

Simple steps to repair accidentally corrupted PSD file on Mac OS X



Download Remo Repair PSD tool on your Apple Mac in order to fix the corrupted Photoshop file. After installing the software, you just need to follow simple steps that are mentioned below to repair accidentally corrupted Photoshop file:

  • Launch Remo Repair PSD utility by double clicking the button or via shortcut menu.
  • Click on “Browse” option to select your accidentally corrupted PSD file.
  • Now click “Repair” icon, the software automatically starts repairing the corrupted PSD file which can be monitored by viewing the progress bar.
  • Once repair process is completed, a new healthy PSD file is shown along its layers.
  • Use “Preview" option to view the fixed PSD file contents
  • After previewing the repaired PSD file, you need to browse the destination path and click on “Save” for saving the Photoshop file on your Mac.

Know how to repair damaged photos in Photoshop by utilizing Remo Repair PSD software in just 3-4 simple steps:  Browse - Scan - Repair - Preview & Save as mentioned above.

The main reason to use Remo Repair PSD toolkit

No matter whether it is PSD or PDD Photoshop image file you want to fix, this Remo Repair PSD has just one answer “Click Repair icon and be amazed with the outcome”. Powerful and strong algorithms inculcated in this utility will make sure that irrespective of the reasons that corrupted your Photoshop files; the end result will be a new PSD file which is healthy and accessible in all Adobe Photoshop versions.


Why does the Photoshop file get corrupt accidentally?

This question may be arising in your mind. Well, there are numerous scenarios that result in corruption of your PSD and PDD Photoshop files. After knowing the procedure about how to repair accidentally corrupted Photoshop file, now it is necessary to know the reasons that cause corrupt PSD file to avoid it in future. Some are mentioned here have a look:

  • When Adobe Photoshop application is not installed properly on Mac OS X then your PSD files are likely to get corrupted.
  • Without proper procedure upgrading your Adobe application to the latest version, sometimes could corrupt the Photoshop documents.
  • Incomplete download of PSD file from internet due to network failure leads to corruption of PSD.
  • Unexpected interruptions during transfer of PSD file from Mac to external storage devices can make your PSD file inaccessible.