3 Steps to Open Corrupted Photoshop File on Mac

Photoshop File Corrupted How to Open

Can't Open your Adobe Photoshop File? Here is what you need to do...

Sometimes, the Photoshop file gets corrupted due to human mistakes or application malfunction on Mac. When you try to open a corrupt Photoshop file, it will not load and displays an error message stating that “Cannot open Photoshop file”.

In case of any issues with the Adobe Photoshop application you can reinstall it and open the Photoshop file. But, if your Photoshop file itself is corrupted then this method will not help you. In such situations, Remo Repair PSD software will easily fix Photoshop file corrupted.  This utility scans your file, repairs all the issues to provide you a healthy Photoshop file in just simple clicks.

How does Remo Repair PSD tool fix corrupt Photoshop file that won’t open on Macintosh system?

Remo Repair PSD program is quite helpful in fixing both PSD and PDD files. It works in read-only, thus doesn’t alter original file while repairing corrupted Photoshop file that does not open and throws various error messages. The software uses advanced repairing mechanism to scan the corrupted Photoshop image file, extracts the contents and render a new healthy file by keeping the original Photoshop file intact.

Within couple of steps, the tool fixes corrupt Photoshop file as well as open damaged Photoshop files along its layers, color modes and text associated with Photoshop file securely even after the repair process.


The Photoshop file corrupted how to open with Remo Repair PSD

Download Remo Repair PSD on your Macintosh system and install it by double clicking downloaded file (remo-repair-psd.exe). Now follow the video tutorial and the instructions below which will guide you on how to fix the corrupted Photoshop file:



  • Launch Remo Repair PSD, select the corrupted Photoshop (PSD/ PDD) file
  • Click on Repair, view the status of repairing the corrupted Photoshop file through progress bar
  • Preview and Save the repaired Photoshop file to any desired location


Remo Repair PSD software comes handy:

  • To fix PSD or PDD image file which refuses to open due to any reasons
  • For repairing unexpected end of Photoshop file error
  • To repair RLE compressed files
  • For fixing large sized Photoshop files

Regardless of the reasons behind not opening PSD and PDD files, you can fix all those problems using Remo Repair PSD. Moreover, this wizard comes in free demo version too, so that you can check the efficiency of the software before buying it. Our professional team is always available round the clock for solving all your issues which you may face while installing or repairing the Photoshop file.

Some of the common causes for Photoshop file corruption:

  • Trying to open Photoshop files on any unsupported Adobe Photoshop versions
  • Abrupt termination of Photoshop application while editing Photoshop file
  • Often changing the Photoshop file extensions
  • Interruptions while transferring Photoshop documents from one storage device to another

Likewise, there might be many other reasons too. But Remo Repair PSD utility will fix not opening corrupted Photoshop file in simple method. The software does all the hard scanning and repairing process, you just need to perform few mouse clicks and you will have an error-free Photoshop file which opens on all Adobe Photoshop versions without any difficulty.