Encrypted USB Drive Data Recovery

Generally, we encrypt a USB drive to safeguard data. But, if you fail to decrypt the drive, then use Windows diskpart command to remove the encryption and use Remo Repair Memory Card Recovery Software to restore data erased from it.


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Normally, we encrypt our USB drive to secure information stored on it so that nobody can access. Only if you decrypt the encrypted USB drive, you can get access to your data saved on the drive. To decrypt the USB drive, you need the password or the software using which you have encrypted it.

But, what if you don’t have both the option? Is there any way to decrypt the USB drive to recover data? Yes, you can use diskpart utility to remove the encryption but the problem is you will lose the data stored on your USB drive. For recovering the lost data, you have to make use of Remo Repair Memory Card Recovery tool.

Phase #1: Removing Encryption from USB Drive

  • Open Command Prompt and type diskpart
  • Hit Enter button and then type list disk
  • It will show you list of drives present on your system
  • Not down the drive number of encrypted USB drive
  • Now type “select disk *” (drive number of encrypted usb drive) and hit Enter
  • Next, type “clean all” and press Enter

This process will erase all your data, including encryption information from the USB drive. Now your USB drive is decrypted.

Phase #2: Recovering Erased Data from Decrypted USB Drive

Once you remove the encryption, next step is to recover data from the encrypted flash drive. You can utilize Remo Repair Memory Card Recovery software to restore data from encrypted USB Drive.

Follow the Below Procedure to Recover Files from Encrypted USB Drive

Download Remo Repair Memory Card Recovery software on your system and install it. Then, launch the software to get back your data from encrypted USB drive.

Step 1: Attach the USB drive to your computer on which you have installed the software

Step 2: When home screen pops up, select Recover Files option from the main screen followed by Recover Lost Files option

Click Recover Drives option to recover encrypted USB drive

Step 3: Then, select USB drive from the list of drives displayed and then click on Next button to start the recovery process

Select the encrypted USB drive

Step 4: Software scans and displays list of recovered files, view them either using File Type View or Data View

Preview recoverable data from USB drive

Step 5: Finally select and save the required files on any device, including CD/DVD

Save recovered data from your USB drive to any desired location

You can also use this method to recover data from memory card of various types, such as SD card, XD card, CF card, MMC, etc. Also, the tool can be used to restore data from encrypted external hard drive, pen drive, and other storage devices.



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