How to Recover Lost Partition on Hard Drive?

Have you lost partition(s) on your hard drive? Thinking what to do? Hard drive partition recovery is no more a challenging job as long as you act fast and in a right way. Just read this editorial to know how to recover lost hard drive partition.


Losing partitions from a computer, drives users crazy. It’s not simple as normal data loss. Unfortunately, when a partition is lost your bunch of files or entire data stored on it will vanish instead of few files.

When you notice that your hard drive is missing one or more partitions then for the next minute two thoughts will arise in your mind. Foremost is how come my partition is missing? And latter is how can I restore lost hard drive partition?

And now, let’s deal with the first part.

Well, there exists some aspects that lead to partition loss. They are:

1. Corrupted or damaged partition table: The Wrong operation carried out on the system, conflicts between software, abrupt power outage etc. leads to corruption or damage of partition table, thus partition may go missing.

2. Virus attack: Accumulation of perilous malware or programs on hard drive damages the storage space as well as stored data on it. In case, if any hazardous virus has entered your system then chances are there that your partition might get affected by it. So, it is lost (most probably deleted by the virus).

3. Lax actions: It's human nature committing mistakes. Even though we think we are enough careful, we do mistakes without our knowledge. Hence, unintentional wrong moves while working with the computer may result in missing partitions in some special cases.

4. Bad blocks: When the hard drive has logical bad sectors and if data is stored on those bad blocks then OS cannot fetch/read that data. So, this might be one of the reasons for lost partition.

5. System crash/mismanage: Frequent system crashes, shutting down computer oddly, upgrading BIOS improperly (generation of errors), installing applications inappropriately etc. makes your system to behave abnormally and that may cause partition(s) to disappear.

Now, let’s look at the second question- how to recover lost partition on the hard drive?

Case 1: If your boot partition is lost, then your system cannot boot as it fails to enter the OS. Also, your system stuck at blank blue or black screen at boot process. At this situation, you can try available options to boot your computer.

Here is explained one such method to boot the system after boot partition lost. It’s via creating EFI System partition (for Windows 10, 8 and 7 editions).

  • Boot your system in installation mode
  • Go to command prompt using Shift +F10
  • Type these codes followed by Enter
  • diskpart
  • list disk
  • select disk d (d: disk where you want to add EFI System partition)
  • list partition
  • create partition efi size=100 (for 4-KB-per-sector disk efi size is 260)
  • format quick fs=fat32
  • list partition
  • list volume v (v: volume where OS is installed)
  • exit
  • bcdboot P:\windows (P: partition letter of Windows OS partition)
  • Restart your system

Note: If partition other than boot partition is lost, then don't create any new partition in place of lost one. As this results in data overwriting.

Case 2: If the boot partition is present but other partitions are missing then it really bothers you. At this instant, entire saved data disappears from it, once you lose a partition. If the lost partition does not have important data, then no issue. But, what if it has all of your important files and folders?

Still no worries! Remo Repair Partition Data Recovery is at your help. This is the top lost partition recovery software, which brings back your missing partition in few mouse clicks. This potent lost partition recovery tool also helps you to recover data from deleted partition. It has a simple user interface and provides complete technical assistance. So, you can effortlessly restore your lost partition. Then why delay? Get started and retrieve your lost partitions soon.


Step 1: Start Remo Repair Partition Recovery software, select Recover Drives and opt Partition Recovery.

Click Partition Recovery to recover deleted files

Step 2: Select the drive that holds your missing partition.

Select the partition

Step 3: After the scan, entire data present on lost partition will be shown in File Type View as well Data View.

View all recovered files

Step 4: Now, mark files and mention location to Save them.

Save all recovered files to any location


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