How to Fix 7-Zip Error CRC Failed File is Broken

Powerful and reliable 7 Zip file repair utility from Remo lets you fix and restore 7Z files that says CRC error file is broken or corrupt due to any reasons. Basic users can also use this software with ease

7 Zip File Broken Error Repair

7Zip is an open source file archiver which is used to create compressed archives with .7z file format. Although 7Z files are safe and reliable, they may get broken or become invalid for various uneven situations. When this happens, it may not be possible to extract contents of the 7Zip file or a CRC error message might pop up saying:

  • "CRC failed in....... File is broken."
  • "Data error in ...... File is broken."
  • "Cannot open file.... As archive."

As .7z file becomes inaccessible after CRC error, many users wonder how to repair 7Zip CRC error? It is simple with the help of 7 Zip file repair tool from Remo which is capable of repairing various 7Z file errors showing file is broken or damaged in just few minutes.

Easy way to fix 7 Zip CRC error file is broken with Remo Repair ZIP

Remo Repair ZIP program is a read-only utility that safely fix all errors of 7Z archive without causing any damage to the original file. The easy-to-use interface of the software will guide and explain every individual about how to fix erroneous and incomplete .7z file with CRC error, corrupt archive, invalid archive, etc. in a secure and efficient manner. Irrespective of the storage media where 7Zip file resides it, the corrupted, damaged or broken archive will be repaired without any hassle.

Guide to fix 7 Zip CRC error file is broken with Remo Repair ZIP


Click Download button to get the demo edition of Remo Repair ZIP for free and install it to your Windows computer. Run the tool and follow the tutorial to effectively repair 7 Zip file broken error without any difficulty.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair ZIP and click “Browse” to select the 7Z file that is broken and showing CRC error, then click on “Repair” button.

Browse broken 7-ZIP file and click on Repair

Step 2: Tool automatically starts fixing the errors in the selected 7Zip file which you can see via a progress bar.

View repair process

Step 3: Once the .7z file is fixed successfully, you can view all files and folders present in repaired archive.

Preview repaired file

Step 4: Select destination location to save fixed 7Zip archive using “Browse” option, then click on “Save” button.

Save repaired file


What causes 7 Zip CRC error file is broken?

CRC error message while extracting 7Zip archive implies that either contents of the .7z archive is corrupted or altered. There are numerous reasons that causes CRC error in 7Zip file which are listed below:

  • Presence of bad sectors on storage medium where 7Zip file is saved can sometimes cause CRC error
  • Malfunctioning of WinZip application can cause CRC error
  • Interruptions while downloading .7z file results in a broken archive which in turn leads to CRC error

Aforementioned reasons are major causes behind 7Zip CRC error that result in loss of your critical files. But, you can avoid loss of important files by using Remo Repair ZIP tool as it successfully repairs 7Z CRC error or any other issues raised in it. Moreover, it retrieves all types of files contained in 7Zip file archive including documents, pictures, videos, etc.

Other benefits of using Remo Repair ZIP:

  • Repairs large sized 7Zip files beyond 4GB size
  • Fixes 7Z files stored on various storage media such as USB drive, pen drive, FireWire device and more
  • Capable of repairing 32 bit and 64 bit 7Zip files
  • Compatible to repair broken, damaged or inaccessible .7z file on all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10
  • Supports repairing not opening ZIPX files and ZIP files that are corrupted severely
  • Provides free technical support via email and live chat application to resolve user queries