Repair 7Z Unexpected End of Data Error

Are you unable to extract 7Z files due to 7 Zip error unexpected end of data? An excellent ZIP file repair tool from REMO is here to fix all types of extraction errors & corruption issues from 7Z archives on all the latest versions of Windows OS.

7Z Unexpected End of Data

How do I fix 7 Zip error unexpected end of data?

“Hi, I received an archive via email which is in 7Z file format and downloaded it to my Windows 10 PC. When I try to access files from the 7-Zip archive, it displays an error message saying “7Z unexpected end of data”. Can anyone help me to fix 7Zip file showing an unexpected end of data error?”

The above error “7Z unexpected end of data” means the 7Zip file that you were trying to download is not complete or corrupted. Usually, this error pops up while downloading or extracting archives. How to fix the issue and extract its content? Here are two possible solutions that assist you in repairing corrupt 7Zip files to get rid of such error.

Solutions to perform 7Z unexpected end of data fix

Solution 1: If you notice that the downloaded 7Z archive size is smaller than the received file, then here are some tips you can try to fix 7 Zip error unexpected end of data:

  • Download the 7Z file again
  • Use anti-virus tool to scan your system
  • Clear the temporary files

Solution 2: If the downloaded 7Zip archive size is as same as the received one, then you need to use professional Zip file repair tool to fix the problem. Here Remo Repair ZIP software is recommended to repair 7Z unexpected end of data error which you encounter during the extraction process. The advanced algorithms of the utility will easily fix corrupt, damaged or inaccessible 7ZIP file and extract each and every file stored in it with utmost ease.


Steps to fix 7Z unexpected end of data error using Remo Repair ZIP

Get the demo edition of Remo Repair ZIP tool for free and install it on your Windows computer. In order to fix 7 Zip error unexpected end of data, run the software and follow the below explained guide:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair ZIP and choose the archive showing error 7Z unexpected end of data using “Browse” option, then click on “Repair” icon.

Browse broken 7-ZIP file and click on Repair to repair 7Z unexpected end of data error

Step 2: The software quickly starts fixing the errors in the chosen 7Zip archive which you can monitor by looking at the progress bar.

View 7Z unexpected end of data fix process

Step 3: After 7-Zip file is repaired successfully, you can preview the list of files and folders present in it.

Preview repaired file

Step 4: Click on “Browse” button to select the storage path of your choice and save the repaired .7Z file by clicking “Save” icon.

Save repaired file


Let’s have a look at common reasons behind 7 Zip error unexpected end of data

  • Frequently changing file extension of 7Z file might corrupt the archive and display such error
  • You are likely to get error after improper compression of 7Zip archive file
  • Any damage to the header file makes the .7Z archive inaccessible
  • Severe virus infection on your computer have chances to causes 7Z file corruption
  • Bad sectors on storage drive where you have stored 7Z files may not allow you to open the archive

Other benefits of using Remo Repair ZIP tool

  • Fixes 7Z file stored on hard disk, USB drive, FireWire device and other storage devices
  • Supports to fix 32-bit and 64-bit 7Zip archives
  • Simple GUI with detailed steps enable users to perform 7Z unexpected end of data fix process with ease
  • Non-destructive tool as it will not damage your original .7Z file
  • Capable of repairing corrupted, broken or inaccessible ZIP and ZIPX archive
  • Repairs large sized archives that are beyond 4GB