Fix Error 7ZIP Access is Denied

Encountered an error "7 Zip cannot open file. TMP access is denied" when trying to open ZIP file? Use Remo Repair ZIP tool to quickly fix Zip archive after access denied error and restore all its contents in easy steps.

7Zip Access is Denied

While trying to access a ZIP file on Windows 10, an error message pops up stating – “cannot open file .tmp access is denied”. Accessing the file is not possible now, and this is annoying. Trying out different ways to fix the file doesn’t help. Well, in spite of all efforts if the .zip file still remains inaccessible, then it means that the file could be damaged.

There are various reasons which could lead to 7ZIP file damage, some of which include:

  • ZIP file header corruption
  • Improperly compressing ZIP file
  • Recovering deleted / lost ZIP files using unreliable tools

Apart from the ones listed above, there are other causes too for ZIP file corruption. Under all such situations, you cannot access Zip file. So the file needs to be repaired in order to get back access to it. A safe and easy solution to fix damaged 7ZIP file is by using Remo Repair ZIP software. The tool comes with an easy-to use interface to repair damaged ZIP archive.

Fix 7ZIP Access Denied Error using Remo Repair ZIP:

To fix 7ZIP file error in a secure way and make it accessible again, Remo Repair ZIP tool comes handy. The software only reads data from the damaged ZIP file, and fixes it without modifying the original file. Thus the original ZIP file is kept intact. It extracts data from the corrupt Zip file, and saves it in a healthy new file. 7-Zip error messages like cannot open file as archive, .tmp access is denied, and so on will be fixed efficiently.


Follow these Steps to Fix 7ZIP Access is Denied Error:

Download and install the trial edition of Remo Repair ZIP tool on your Windows operating system. Then, run the software and follow below guide to fix error 7 Zip cannot open file TMP access is denied.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair ZIP and choose the 7-Zip file showing “Access is denied” error using “Browse” option, then click on “Repair” button.

Browse broken 7-ZIP file and click on Repair to error 7 Zip cannot open file tmp access is denied

Step 2: The tool automatically fixes error 7Zip access is denied on Windows 10 which you can monitor by looking at the progress bar.

View 7Zip access is denied cannot open file fix process

Step 3: After the 7-Zip file is repaired, you can preview the list of files and folders saved in the archive.

Preview repaired file

Step 4: Click “Browse” option to choose the destination path of your choice and click on “Save” icon to save the error-free 7Z file back to your computer.

Save repaired file

More about Remo Repair ZIP software:

  • The tool helps to repair both ZIP and ZIPX files
  • Encrypted and even password protected .zip files can be fixed
  • Large sized Zip archive can also be fixed by this utility
  • .zip or .zipx files that are broken, corrupted, inaccessible can be repaired
  • Fixes ZIP files stored on hard drive, USB external drive, memory card, external disk, and other storage medium