How Can I Repair Word 2013 Clipboard Not Working?

Are you wondering why copy and paste function in Microsoft Word appears to have stopped working? Free download demo edition of Remo Repair Word software to fix clipboard not working in Word 2010/2013/2016.

Clipboard Not Working Word Fix

“I have Word 2013 on my computer and just migrated to Windows 10 from Windows 8. In Word 2013, when I try to copy and paste text, it doesn’t appear on the Word clipboard but instead shows “Preview not available” message on the clipboard. Sometimes, after copying text, it actually causes my PC to freeze and I have to reboot. Any clue what happened? Please help me how to repair MS Word clipboard not working issue? Thanks in advance.”

MS Word clipboard plays an important role while executing copy-paste operation. Sadly, the Word application and operating system run into bugs at times and in this case, the user is not able to use copy-paste feature in Word 2013. Let us take a look at what causes this problem and troubleshoot the issues.

  • Corrupt Template: Corruption in template may not allow you to open your Word file and its attached attributes such as clipboard which easily gets damaged.
  • Word crash: Your Word application crashes and clipboard doesn’t work properly. In some situations, errors while upgrading MS Word version to newer version, frequently trying to edit Word file to other file format can leads to Word document crash.
  • Other reasons: Some situations might land you in closing the Word application abruptly while editing your document or incomplete transfer of the document, virus or malware infection to the Word file, software conflicts can cause severe damage to Word and clipboard stop working.

In all the aforementioned scenarios, your clipboard in Word 2013 or your entire Word file might get corrupt. To troubleshoot clipboard not working in Word, you need to repair corrupted Word 2013 document in a secure manner using powerful Remo Repair Word.


Steps to fix clipboard not working in Word 2010/2013/2016 with Remo Repair Word

Click Download button and install Remo Repair Word tool to your Windows computer. After installing the software, run the application and follow step-by-step instructions to fix clipboard not working in Word 2013 within few clicks.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair Word and choose the corrupt Word file using “Browse”, then click on “Repair” button.

Browse corrupted Word file and hit on Repair

Step 2: The software automatically starts repairing the selected Word file which you can monitor by looking at the progress bar.

View the status of repairing Word file

Step 3: Once you get “File repaired successfully” message on screen, you can view the repaired file using “Preview File” option.

Preview repaired Word file

Step 4: Click on “Browse” button to select the destination path of your choice, then click “Save” icon to store the fixed file.

Save repaired Word file


Why should you use Remo Repair Word tool?

Remo Repair Word is designed with smart and advanced repair techniques to fix the issues and extract the contents from the corrupt clipboard in Word, then saves it in a healthy Word file. Even, if your Word document is encrypted or protected with password, the software still fixes the document and fetches all its attributes including clip art, hyperlinks, pictures, text, etc. without any data loss. In addition to this, it includes many other features that makes it to stand out among all other repair tools, they are:

  • It is a read-only toolkit, i.e. it extracts the contents from the inaccessible Word file and save it to a new healthy file without damaging the original file
  • In case you have the latest version of Word like MS Word 2016 or the older version like MS Word 95, this tool still fixes the corrupt DOC /DOCX file and make it accessible
  • It is compatible with all popular versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10

Even though, if you are not aware of the software or you are a non-technical user, not to worry! Remo is designed with metro-styled GUI that provides detailed instructions to fix your corrupt or damaged Word file.