Free Method to Convert Offline OST to PST File

Instantly convert offline OST to PST file with a free Remo OST to PST Converter Software. The tool converts OST to PST file with all it's emails, contacts, TSS Feeds, tasks, notes, etc. safely and securely. Download the tool now and start converting OST to PST for free now!!!


OST file basically means Offline Storage Table. This is nothing but a database file, which is similar to the PST file of MS Outlook. With the help of OST file, user can easily work on offline mode in Microsoft Outlook and make necessary changes on it. Once the internet connection is retrieved, everything gets updated to the exchange server. OST file never stays intact, it often synchronizes with exchange server and all the changes made in offline mode automatically gets updated. Now, the meaning of PST and OST file is clearly understood.

Since OST file never remains intact and often syncs with exchange server, there are great chances for it to get corrupt. This is the main drawback of OST file, due to which most of the Outlook users prefer to utilize PST file and usually the OST file will be converted to PST of Outlook. In order to convert offline OST to PST, you need to make use of a conversion software. One of the most trusted and widely used conversion utility around the globe is Remo OST to PST converter. This amazing tool is quite effective and offers higher success rate, when compared to other conversion utilities. Remo OST to PST converter is an award winning app, which has consistently endured in the list of top ten offline OST to PST converter tools.

What causes corruption to the OST file?

OST file corrupts due to many awful reasons, following are a few noted scenarios.

  • Synchronization Errors: As already told above, OST file often updates all changes to exchange server, this process is called as synchronization. When synchronization is happening, if suddenly something goes wrong and the process is interrupted or the computer gets shut down abruptly, then OST file might get corrupted.
  • Virus Infection: OST file will also get corrupt if it is infected with harmful computer viruses. These viruses once entered into the system, start infecting data that’s residing in the hard drive. If OST file comes to its vicinity, then it’ll surely get corrupt.
  • Damaged Header: The header part of an OST file is very important, which stores basic information like size of file, extension, created date, etc. When header is damaged or else modified, then OST file gets corrupted.

Due to all these above described reasons, OST file may get corrupted or damage. Well, to fix OST files, you must know the proper method of how to convert offline OST to PST. Remo OST to PST converter is an excellent application which helps in converting offline OST file to PST in a fast and proficient manner.

Outstanding Features of Remo OST to PST Converter Program:

Remo OST to PST Converter is a safest conversion utility that’s free from different types of harmful threats including viruses and suspicious programs. This powerful app can be installed on all major versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. It can convert offline OST to PST created on all major versions of Outlook including MS Outlook 2003, 2000, 2007, 2010, 2013, MS Exchange 5.0, 5.5, etc. It’s a read only tool, which scans OST file thoroughly to convert it to a healthy PST file without altering its original stored elements, this further ensures safety of original OST file. Its simple user interface and guidelines offered while conversion process allows even novice user to convert OST file to PST Outlook. It’s a cost effective converter tool and moreover there exists a demo version of this app, using which you can test the performance of product.


Steps to Convert OST to PST file:

Step 1: Download and install Remo OST to PST Converter software and install it on your PC. Run the application by double clicking on desktop shortcut or via start menu. The main screen shows two options, "Open OST File” and “Find OST File”. Make use of "Open OST File" option to choose your OST file if you know its exact location or use “Find OST File” option to search for your OST file.

Convert Offline OST to PST - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: After this, use browse button to locate the OST file which needs to be repaired and click on next to start the repair process. This tool will fix your corrupt OST file within a few minutes. It even safely converts the OST to PST file.

Conversion of Offline OST File to PST - Browse OST File

Figure B: Browse OST File

Step 3: Monitor OST to PST conversion process through the progress bar.

Converting Offline OST to PST File - Progress Screen

Figure C: Progress Screen

Step 4: After the completion of conversion process, the application displays a confirmation message like “OST file converted succesfully”. At last browse the location to save the coverted OST file.

Offline OST to PST Conversion - Select Destination Path

Figure D: Select Destination Path