Effective Way of OST to PST Exchange 2010 Conversion

“Hi, I have MS exchange 2010 installed in my PC. This amazing app helps me in sending and receiving my important business related email messages. From past few weeks, I have been using OST file, because I often had to work offline. The OST file is not that safe to use, as it is more prone for corruption. I have now planned to convert OST to PST on exchange 2010. Can anyone please tell me what I should do for converting OST to PST?”

Is this your question as well? Want to convert the OST file to PST? Don’t worry, this has become very simple now. You need an effective converter app. One of the most trusted converter tools is Remo OST to PST converter. This amazing software has lot of incredible features and also has higher success rate when compared with any other tools. It converts OST to PST file in a very short span of time and performs the task in an effective manner. The software is highly reliable and furthermore it’s completely free from various harmful elements that include suspicious programs and viruses. Remo OST to PST converter is an app that has been developed by a team of well dedicated developers. In case of any assistance is required regarding this conversion tool, then user can easily contact at any point of time and get the help of professionals. Before beginning with the features, let’s discuss why OST file is corrupted.

OST file corruption scenarios:

  • Header Corruption: Header is an important part of OST file, it saves important information like creation date, size, file type, everything related to that file. In case the header is corrupted or it is modified, then OST file will corrupt.
  • Virus Infection: OST file gets highly corrupted when it is infected by harmful viruses. In fact virus is the most disastrous element, it’ll infect computer files and ruin them to higher extent. If OST file is infected by such viruses, they’ll corrupt and cannot be used further.
  • Bad Sectors: If your computer hard drive has bad sectors and the OST file is saved on those bad sectors, then it’ll get corrupt and finally you’ll not be able to access it. Bad sector is a region of hard drive, which has become inaccessible.

Apart from all these, there are numerous reasons which causes OST file corruption. However, Remo OST to PST converter software can help you in converting OST to PST in few simple steps.

Remarkable Features of Remo OST to PST Converter:

Remo OST to PST converter is a read only tool, which just reads the OST file and then creates PST file from which all the contents can be recovered, this ensures original OST file to remain unaltered. This robust tool can be installed on all major versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Win XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. With the help of this program, user can convert OST file created on various versions of MS Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. This tool apart from converting OST to PST, it helps to resolve unable to expand folder in OST. It’s a user friendly software, which can be used without any assistance. Demo of this converter tool is available, which can be used before purchase.


Steps to convert OST to PST exchange 2010:

Step 1: Download Remo OST to PST Converter software and install the same into your Windows computer. Run the application. The main screen displays 2 options, "Open OST File” and “Find OST File”. Click on "Open OST File" option, if you know the exact location of OST file or Click on "Find OST File" to search for your Outlook OST file.

Convert OST to PST Exchange 2010 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After this, use browse button to locate the OST file which needs to be converted and click on next to start the process

Converting OST to PST Exchange 2010 - Browse OST File

Figure 2: Browse OST File

Step 3: Moniter OST to PST coversion process through progress bar.

Convert OST to PST on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 - Progress Screen

Figure 3: Progress Screen

Step 4: After the completion of OST to PST conversion process, the application displays a confirmation message like “OST file conversion completed”. At last browse the location to save converted OST file.

Conversion of OST to PST on Microsoft 2010 Exchange - Select Destination Path

Figure 4: Select Destination Path