How to Fix a Corrupt Zip File on Windows OS?

Zip file is nothing but a file format which stores files that are compressed by WinZip tool. WinZip is the default compression and decompression program of Windows OS which provides so much of ease regarding opening .zip files that are downloaded or shared from any sources and even provides password protection for your important ZIP file contents. The only thing that lowers its position is its tendency to damaged or corrupted so often due to any of the internal or external issues of Windows system. Read the article fully and you will get a complete idea on various factors that corrupt your important Zip files along with the introduction and description of suitable fixing mechanism.

Severe corruption or damage scenarios of Zip file:

  • Improper compression or decompression process of Zip file
  • Improper or incomplete downloading of ZIP archives from email or other social sites
  • PC infected by malicious viruses, malwares and spywares where healthy .zip files are stored
  • Sharing of Zip archives through some unreliable computer networks
  • Forgetting Zip archive password that is to be used for accessing it

These are nothing but the factors that occurs within your system now and then that too without your knowledge in most of the time. Such issues make your healthy Zip file severely corrupted or damaged or broken and hence you will not be able to access any of the content from those file.

Some effective tips for avoiding Zip file from damage:

If you want your important WinZip file to be away from any sort of corruption or damage issues, then you need to follow these precautionary tips in regular basis while dealing with .zip file on Windows computer:

  • Always backup your important Zip files in some safe location
  • Scan your PC regularly using powerful antivirus software
  • Avoid sharing of important Zip files on unsecured networks
  • Connect UPS device in your system while processing Zip file

Still facing problem with your .zip files due to awful corruption scenarios? Don’t worry as you can fix your corrupted or damaged ZIP files with one of the most proficient and reliable application known as Remo Repair ZIP.

Remo Repair Zip, a complete package for Zip file repair:

This third party Zipper fixes a Zip file by first scanning its each and every corner and repairing the relevant issues completely, that too within very short notice. Such Zip file fixing utility comes with very strong and advanced algorithm which makes it work very smoothly for fixing the problem on how to fix a Zip file on Windows OS. Not only that, it works totally on read-only mode ensuring no modification to be done while you fix a Zip file and hence got the title of non-destructive interface. Remo Zip fixing program is very easy to use as it comes with only few automated repairing steps that too along with descriptive suggestions. Want to know more? Just go ahead…

Remarkable features of Remo ZIP fixing tool:

  • Including Zip file, this tool even repairs Zipx file type after it gets corrupt or damaged or even broken
  • Smoothly fixes all kind of password protected, large sized and encrypted Zip archive without any complexity issues
  • Flexible enough to repair RAR files that are corrupted or damaged due to any awful factor in a very efficient manner
  • Absolutely compatible to run on all the latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in order to fix damaged or corrupted Zip archive
  • Also provides instant preview option for your repaired Zip file before saving it to any specific location
  • Facilitates you with demo version as well as 24/7 technical assistance along with the paid version of this tool

So, if you are still thinking on how I can fix a corrupt Zip file on Windows computer after any corruption or damage scenarios, then stop thinking and just opt for Remo Repair Zip software which will take care of all the issues present in your .zip file.


Easy instructions to fix a Zip file:

Step 1: Download and install Remo ZIP repair software on your Windows system. Launch the tool and follow the on-screen instructions. Click “Browse” button to select your corrupted Zip file and then start the fixing process by clicking on "Repair" button.

How to Fix a Zip File - Select ZIP File

Figure 1: Select ZIP File

Step 2: The application starts scanning the corrupted ZIP archive and finally repairs it completely. You can view the repairing progress in the progress bar.

Zip File Repair - ZIP Repair Process

Figure 2: ZIP Repair Process

Step 3: On successful repairing of ZIP file , tool will show you the repaired ZIP archive with all its contents intact. You can even view the file by clicking on "Preview" option.

How Can I Fix a Corrupt Zip File - Preview Fixed ZIP File

Figure 3: Preview Fixed ZIP File

Step 4: At last, save the fixed ZIP file to your own desired destination location by clicking on "Save" option.

Zip File Fix - Save Repaired ZIP File

Figure 4: Save Repaired ZIP File