Fixing Broken Index of AVI File

AVI is one among the most widely used video file formats around world. It is incredibly popular and great picture and sound clarity is offered by the videos that are saved in AVI format. Audio Video Interleave is what the full form of AVI. The AVI videos doesn’t take up more space on storage devices, which is why they can be easily transferred from one storage media to another in relatively shorter time period.

Though AVI files are advantageous, some common drawbacks have been noticed in it. These AVI files often generate some errors and refuse to play. “AVI File Index is Broken” is one such common error associated with them. Most of the users do come across this error message, when they play an AVI video file in their system. Unless they are fixed by using an appropriate repair app, the error message continues to occur. If you have faced such an issue with any of your important AVI video files, then don’t get worried. As now the broken index of AVI file can be fixed with utmost ease. One of best repair tools for fixing broken index of AVI file is Remo Repair AVI. With the assistance of Remo Repair AVI app, any sort of issue can be resolved in AVI videos. Even the broken index is easily fixed by this terrific app. Moreover, this powerful app can be used to fix different types of errors and corruption issues in DivX and Xvid files as well. It actually does not modify the same AVI file whose index is broken. As an alternative, the software will just scan the faulty video file profoundly. Once scanning is complete, it automatically creates a new AVI video similar to original one.

On account of these factors AVI file’s index is broken:

  • Frequently if the AVI video is round tripped, then its index may break. Round tripping is a process of changing the file from its original format to some other unsupported type and again converting back to its original type. If a user does this thing very often, then AVI file’s index will break and the video won’t play.
  • The index of AVI file may break, if any interruption is occurred while downloading the file from web. Errors occurred at the time of downloading video is a great cause of corruption.
  • Harming elements i.e. viruses can also damage the index of AVI file. Viruses are truly infective agents, they never leave any computer files when exposed. If AVI files are exposed to virus, then the index will break and finally the video becomes unplayable.

Besides all these, there are huge number of other causes which will create an impact on index of AVI file. However, user has nothing get worried. The Remo Repair AVI tool handles the concern in very simple manner.

Popular Features of Remo Repair AVI App:

Remo Repair AVI app is exceedingly simple and effective to use. This application has the capability to fix AVI video audio out of sync effectively. It can be installed on all available versions of Windows OS including Win 8, Windows 7, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 server and Windows 2008 server. Fixes the index in a very short time period. AVI videos can be repaired on different types of storage devices including flash disks, internal hard disks, external hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. Its demo version exists, which can be used before purchase.


Procedure to fix AVI file with its broken index:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair application to your Windows computer. After installing the app, follow the simple instruction displayed on the screen. Select your AVI file that needs to be repaired using “Browse” or “Open” option.

Repair Broken Index of AVI File - Main Window

Image 1: Main Window

Step 2: Once the file is selected selected, click on “Repair” option to start the repair process. Monitor the repair process by looking at the progress bar.

Fix AVI Files with Broken Index - Repairing Progress

Image 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: After completion, the tool will display the video file description. Finally, preview and save your repaired AVI file to your desired destination location.

Broken AVI File Index Repair - Preview & Save Repaired File

Figure C: Preview & Save Repaired File