Fix Compressed Zipped Folders Error on Windows

Computer users prefer compressing their large number of files and folders in ZIP format as it offers great data encryption and other advanced features. Folders zipped in ZIP format is the most convenient way to store and archive data, which in turn helps to reduce storage space on hard disk. Albiet under some uneven circumstances, when trying to open compressed Zipped folder, it throws an error message “The Compressed Zipped Folder is invalid or corrupted.” or “Compressed Zip Folder Access Denied Error”. In any of the cases, you will not be able to extract contents stored into zipped folder as occurrence of error means your compressed folder is either corrupt or damaged. On encountering such error messages, the best possible solution that can help to fix compressed Zip folder error is the use of ZIP repair software. Among several repairing tools, Remo Repair ZIP software is the most eminent error fixing tool that performs the task of compressed Zipped folder error fix and extract all the information saved into Zipped folder within a matter of minutes.

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Why to Try Remo ZIP Repair Software?

  • Effective wizard with step by step procedure and screenshots helping to repair ZIP archive without any hassle.
  • Completely automated error fixing process that takes only 4 easy steps of software like Select – Repair – Preview – Save.
  • Secure repair of compressed Zipped folder error is done without any modification to original Zip file as it is read only software.

On knowing why you need to opt for Remo Repair ZIP application to mend compressed ZIP folder error, let us see a real time example on occurrence of such errors,

“Few months ago, I compressed large number of my important documents in ZIP format to create a backup copy. Since yesterday I am trying to extract my saved documents, but an error message will pop up saying “Compressed Zipped Folders is Invalid: File is Corrupted”. I was really shocked on seeing this message as I am worried on my stored files. Can I fix compressed Zipped folders error? Thanks!”

Yes, you can! Similar to above defined scenarios, you will find numerous number of cases when you surf online. Repairing of compressed Zip folder error is quite easy as corrupted ZIP archives can be easily fixed using ZIP file repair utilities as like Remo Repair ZIP. It perfectly answers for all the queries on how to fix compressed Zip folder error. Also, proves to be helpful in fixing missing or empty Zip file error easily within matter of minutes

Basic Reasons for ZIP Archive Folder Corruption:

  • Malware attack from unreliable websites while downloading ZIP files from internet.
  • Improper system turn off due to power surge when you are extracting data from compressed Zipped folder.
  • Low disk space issue while extracting contents of Zip folder can even corrupt file on trying it repeatedly.
  • Using unknown method of compression can damage the internal structure of Zip archive and make it unreadable.
  • Occurrence of CRC Checksum error while sharing Zipped folder across network does not let you extract any of the contents from compressed folder.

Remo Repair Zip is the recommended tool that offers demo version, using which you can estimate the efficiency of software as it provides real time preview of repaired ZIP folder with all details. But, you will not be allowed to save fixed ZIP archive as in trial version Save feature will be disabled. So, if you want to save repaired compressed ZIP folder, then get the licensed version and get your archives saved on your own desired location.

Main Features of Remo Repair ZIP Application:

  • Repairs ZIP and ZIPX compressed folders error after corruption or damage easily with accuracy.
  • Capable to fix password locked ZIP files of both 32 and 64 bit.
  • It allows you to restore even root files present in compressed Zipped folder.
  • Free customer support is given by skilled professionals, whenever you require help on using software to fix compressed Zipped Folders error.


Steps to repair compressed Zipped folders error:

Step 1: Download and install Remo ZIP repair tool on your Windows PC / laptop. Launch the software and follow the onscreen instructions. Click “Browse” button to select your compressed Zipped folder. Start to repair compressed Zip folder by clicking on "Repair" button.

Fix Compressed Zipped Folders Error - Select Zipped File

Figure 1: Select Zipped File

Step 2: The application starts scanning your corrupt ZIP archive and finally repairs it. You can easily view the repairing process in the progress bar.

Mend Compressed Zip Folder Error - ZIP Repair Process

Figure 2: ZIP Repair Process

Step 3: On fixing compressed ZIP file successfully, you can have a preview of your repaired ZIP archive.

Repair Compressed Zipped Folders Error - Preview Repaired ZIP File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired ZIP File

Step 4: Finally, save the repaired Zipped folder to your own desired destination location.

Compressed Zipped Folder Error Fix - Save Repaired ZIP File

Figure 4: Save Repaired ZIP File