Repair Photoshop Error 1

Fix Photoshop Error 1

Photoshop is one of the fabulous graphics editing tool which is used by most of professionals and non professional photographers. Utilizing this tool, one can effectively create, edit amazing pictures having 3D effects. Photoshop folders are saved using .psd file formats that consists various layers and information. Apart from its advantages, sometimes you might get error messages like unexpected end of file, sudden termination and so on. Likewise, Photoshop Error 1 is one type of problem that indicates the users to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop application when they try to open.

Some of the causes for Photoshop Error 1 messages are:

  • Partial installation or corrupt download of Adobe Photoshop software
  • Viruses that have corrupted Adobe Photoshop related files
  • Corruption in Windows registry of Adobe Photoshop software

If you are one among to face Photoshop Error 1 on your Windows systems don’t worry!!! Here is an ideal utility called Remo Repair PSD.

Let us discuss some of the other reasons that are responsible for PSD files corruption on Windows:

  • Malware Infections – It is one of the most frequent scenarios for PSD file corruption. These viruses get into your Windows system through internet, infected devices etc. and self replicates to spread across including PST files.
  • Corrupt File System – If the file system of Windows hard drive is corrupted due to bad sectors, improper file conversion, abrupt system shut down and so on results in PSD file corruption.
  • Up gradation of Photoshop – When you upgrade your Photoshop application according to the advanced technology on your Windows system and try to open, sometimes an error gets displayed indicating PSD file corruption.
  • Other Factors – Sudden power failure, inappropriate transfer error, software clashes, hardware conflicts, unreliable third party utilities, hard drive corruption etc. are other reasons you might encounter that leads to PSD file corruption.

After going through all the mentioned above reasons, the very next question you get is how to fix Photoshop Error 1? To so you have many third party applications but Remo Repair PSD is one such tool which is highly recommended by industrial experts as it can fix Photoshop Error 1 within few easy steps.

Prominent features of Remo Repair PSD to repair Photoshop Error 1

  • It has the ability to repair all types of PSD and PDD photo files effortlessly
  • PSD and PDD files created by all versions of Adobe Photoshop can be repaired without much issues
  • Find tool feature helps users to locate the files from enormous list and hence time can be saved
  • Facilitates a feature called Preview using which users can view the recovered PST files in advance before saving on Windows system
  • This software can be installed on various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 for fixing Photoshop Error 1 at the earliest

Tips to remember

  • Be careful while utilizing third party tools to edit or open PSD files
  • Always connect your Windows system to UPS to maintain healthier power backup
  • Make use of trusted and advanced antivirus software to avoid harmful viruses
  • Keep upgrading your Adobe Photoshop to prevent software malfunction


Repairing Photoshop Error 1 using Remo Repair PSD:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair PSD application on your system and install the same. Run the software and follow the main screen steps. Click on “Browse” button from the main window to select your corrupt PSD file and press “Repair” button as depicted in figure 1.

Fixing Photoshop Error 1 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You can view the repair process through progress window as depicted in figure 2.

Repair Photoshop Error 1 - Repairing Progress

Figure 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: As soon as the repair process gets over, you can preview the repaired Photoshop file using “Preview” option as depicted in figure 3.

Mend Photoshop Error 1 - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: And at last save the repaired PSD file to your desired destination location by clicking on "Save" option as depicted in figure 4.

How to Fix Photoshop Error 1 - Save Repaired File

Figure 4: Save Repaired File