Repair ZIP Association on Windows Vista

Find the tool to end ZIP file association on Vista

ZIP is a most commonly used generic file format used to compress and store multiple files in a single file. These ZIP files save lot of hard disk space and makes transferring, emailing, uploading, storing and downloading large files easier. Nonetheless, there is one main con with ZIP associated files and that is it is vulnerable to problems like file corruption and damage. There are numerous reasons due to which a ZIP file tends to get corrupt and one rising reason nowadays is ZIP file Association. This issue is very common with the Windows Vista users.

So what is ZIP file Association and what to do after ZIP file association problem?

ZIP file association often refers to opening a ZIP file on incompatible desktop application program; like opening your compressed ZIP file on Windows Vistas multimedia player. Although the program doesn’t open the ZIP file, but it makes the ZIP associated file corrupt and inaccessible. The simple ways to work around such problem is to non associate the ZIP archive and associate it to its compatible application. However many a times such association does not solve the problem, in such circumstances you need to make use of ZIP repair utility such as Remo Repair.

Remo Repair to the rescue!!

Remo Repair is a very efficient and result oriented application which helps you in fixing ZIP file association on Windows Vista computer very easily. The tool easily fixes minor or severely damaged ZIP archives in just few mouse clicks. The simple to use graphical interface of the application helps users even from non technical background to operate and fix his / her damaged ZIP file. In addition to this, the software supports fixing of ZIP / ZIPX file types and even has the ability to fix password protected, large sized and encrypted ZIP archives. Furthermore, apart from Windows Vista, it is also compatible to run on other Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

When all can I use Remo Repair?

Other than ZIP file corruption due to improper association, it can also be used to fix ZIP file corruption after reasons such as malware infection, improper download, CRC error, transfer error, WinZip application malfunction, power failure while opening ZIP file etc.

Why Remo Repair?

You have to use Remo Repair ZIP because it is available for free demo download using which you can check the capability of the software, it is a non-destructive application which ensures no modification or changes is made to your original ZIP file, it offers users 24 / 7 technical assistance round the clock, 100% free from any external threats like malwares, viruses or spywares.


Follow these easy steps to fix ZIP file Association on Windows Vista:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair software to your desktop / laptop computer. Open the application and follow the main screen procedures. Use “Browse” option to choose your corrupt ZIP file. Initialize the repair process by clicking on “Repair" button.

Fix ZIP file Association Windows Vista - Select ZIP File

Figure 1: Select ZIP File

Step 2: The application scans and fixes the corrupt ZIP file.

Repair ZIP Association on Windows Vista - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: After repair completion, the software displays all the files and folders from the damaged ZIP file.

Windows Vista Zip File Association Fix - Preview Repaired File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: At last, save the repaired ZIP archive to your desired location.

Fix Zip Association Vista - Save Repaired File

Figure 4: Save Repaired File