Quick Way to Mend ZIPX Header after Corruption

“Help! Help! Help! Few days back I compressed multiple files on my computer using advanced ZIPX file compression technique and saved the ZIPX archives onto my external drive. Yesterday when I tried extracting data from ZIPX file, I failed to do so. I then tried again, but ended with the same result with error message stating 'ZIPX Header corrupt'. What did I do with my ZIPX header now? I need to recover all my data stuff from ZIPX archive that is left with corrupt header. Can anybody suggest some solution for repairing ZIPX header? Many Thanks..!”

Stuck up with similar issue 'ZIPX Header Corrupted'? Don't! What is ZIPX Header and what happens if header gets corrupt / damaged?

Header is data packet for ZIPX archives that holds all informative description about the files like file name and file name length, local file header signature, compressed and uncompressed size of file, file last modification time and date. In any case, the header of your ZIPX archive is damaged, then it makes the file inaccessible and non-usable, which means that you would not be able to extract any of the information saved in that specific archive. Also, the operating system and the extracting tool you are employing would fail to read the data on header corruption. This header damage would make you experience same kind of scenario, which in turn result in severe loss of data.

What can be done next? Next is…, try Remo Repair ZIP application to fix ZIPX header and extract data

Remo ZIP Repair is an excellent repairing tool that repairs header damage of ZIPX archive and allow you to extract all your information saved in it. Using Remo Repair ZIP utility, you can efficiently perform 32 bit and 64 bit ZIP file repair with all recovered data just within 4 easy steps i.e. Select – Repair – Preview – Save.

List of causes why Header of ZIPX archive gets damaged:

  • Changing file header using third party tool.
  • Malware / virus attack.
  • Sudden power outage while compressing or extracting data from ZIPX archive.
  • Issues with external storage device where ZIPX or ZIP files are stored.
  • Interruptions due to slow network connection results in incomplete download and makes the file header broken.

Above mentioned reasons are thoroughly searched by experts, but they are not limited since you can find many more causes like corrupted Windows registry settings, CRC error, changing ZIPX file extension, etc. For any ZIPX file corruption scenario, you can step ahead with the stated ZIPX repair tool i.e. Remo Repair ZIP. Remo ZIP repair program is expert recommended and also reviewed by customers for its excellence performance in fixing corrupted ZIPX header and make stored content extractable.

Remo Repair ZIP is simply best to repair damaged ZIPX header..!

  • Supports repairing of both WinZip compression file formats i.e. .zip and .zipx.
  • Repairs ZIPX header in read only mode, and ensures no damage is made to original ZIP / ZIPX archive.
  • Real time preview of fixed ZIP file is provided before actual purchase that helps you in evaluating software's performance.
  • Offers you with 24*7 technical assistance in case you need more information on how to use Remo Repair ZIP utility to fix corrupted ZIPX header.


  • Always have one safe backup of important ZIP and ZIPX archives on some secure storage device so as to get it back on facing any corruption issues.
  • Install and update installed anti-virus program regularly to avoid malware infection on saved data.


  • Never make changes on header of any file as it will corrupt files making the entire data inaccessible.
  • Avoid using improper extraction tools to extract data from ZIPX archives.
  • Avoid downloading / transferring any files when there continuous fluctuation in power.


Easy instructions on using Remo ZIP Repair to fix ZIPX header:

Step 1: Download and install this ZIP repair software on your Windows system. Launch the tool and follow the onscreen instructions. Click “Browse” button to select your header damaged ZIPX file. Start the ZIPX header repair process by clicking on "Repair" button.

Fix ZIPX Header - Select ZIPX File

Figure 1: Select ZIPX File

Step 2: The application starts scanning the corrupted ZIPX archive and finally repairs it. You can view the repair progress in the progress bar.

Repairing ZIPX Header - ZIPX Repair Process

Figure 2: ZIPX Repair Process

Step 3: On repairing ZIPX header successfully, you can have a preview of your repaired ZIPX archive.

How to Repair ZIPX File Header - Preview Repaired ZIPX File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired ZIPX File

Step 4: At last, save the fixed ZIPX file to your own desired destination location.

Fix Corrupted ZIPX Header - Save Repaired ZIPX File

Figure 4: Save Repaired ZIPX File