Tool to Extract RAR file with Missing Parts

Remo Repair RAR comes handy to extract RAR file with missing parts. It safely extracts RAR file without altering or damaging the original/source RAR file.


Repair and Extract RAR File with Missing Parts

RAR files are one of the most elusive compression file formats to work with; they are the most common multipart file types as they can store multiple file types and has the ability to split a large file into multiple smaller file types. For example: A large file of 12 GB can be split into four smaller file types of 4GB. However, the risk is that even if one part of the file goes missing you won’t be able to extract the content of the other 3 RAR archives.

Assume a situation wherein you have downloaded a large game file which is split into multiple parts such as “game.part1.rar”, “game.part2.rar”, “game.part3.rar”, “game.part4.rar” etc. As stated before, to open and install the game successfully you must have all the four parts. Even if one part is missing or corrupt then you’ll not be able to extract and execute the file at any cost. There are several scenarios in which a part of a RAR file goes missing like:

  • Interruptions encountered while downloading or uploading parts of RAR file will affect their completion
  • Interruptions such as low network connectivity, improper system termination etc while downloading an important RAR file
  • In addition to this RAR file gets corrupted due to reasons such as malware infection, OS up gradation, software malfunction, presence of bad sectors etc

Whatever may be the reason behind missing parts in RAR file, losing access to an important RAR file is a frustrating experience; however, you can make use the inbuilt WinRAR application to extract contents of RAR files with missing parts, the procedure is as follows:

How to Extract RAR file with Missing Parts - Main Screen

  • Right click on the part of the RAR files which you feel is corrupt and click on extract files option
  • A window appears showing the RAR file to be selected and where it can be saved
  • Choose the check box which has the option ‘Open Broken file’ and click “OK”
  • A warning message will pop up but it should be disregarded at this point

Once this procedure is carried out, it will be possible for you to extract files from the corrupt RAR file; this process is very efficient and cost-effective for partially corrupt RAR archives. However, the unfortunate thing is that you cannot use this method to fix RAR file with severe corruption. In such kind of situation, you are recommended to download and use a professional WinRAR repair utility such as Remo Repair.

How is Remo Repair RAR Different from Other Software?

Remo Repair is a fully automated utility which you can use to fix RAR files with missing parts; this all in utility helps you in fixing any kind of corruption associated with your WinRAR file. Adding to this, the file can easily fix highly encrypted and password protected RAR files with ease. Furthermore, you can make use of this utility to fix damaged, broken, inaccessible and severely corrupt RAR file on all versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008.


Complete Guide to Extract RAR File with Missing Parts:

Step 1: First, download and install the software on your Windows computer. Launch the software and follow the on screen procedure. Use “Browse” option to select your RAR file with missing part. Initialize the repair process by clicking on “Repair” button.

How to Extract RAR file with Missing Parts - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: You can view the repair process by looking at the progress bar.

Extract RAR file with Missing Parts - Repairing Progress

Figure B: Repairing Progress

Step 3: Allow the repair process to complete, and after completion the application shows all the files and folders from the corrupt RAR file.

How to Extract RAR File with Parts - Preview Repaired RAR File

Figure C: Preview Repaired RAR File

Step 4: Save the repaired files to your desired location using “Save” option

Fix RAR File With Missing Parts - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure D: Save Repaired RAR File