How to Repair Corrupt or Damaged AVI Files?

Updated on February 05, 2020

Here's a do-it-yourself guide for repairing your corrupt AVI videos. Check it and learn how to quickly fix corrupt AVI files in just a few simple steps with Remo AVI Repair tool...

How to Fix a Corrupt AVI File

Are you worried on how to fix a corrupt AVI file after receiving an error message that the file could not be played because it is damaged or corrupt? No worries! The corrupt AVI video files can be repaired easily with Remo AVI Repair tool. Usually AVI video file get corrupt due to various reasons like playing AVI video in unsupported media player, converting AVI to other format or vice versa with unreliable third party conversion tools, hamrful malware attack on the file, etc.

Luckily, you can still repair the corrupt AVI file! Here are two easy methods for repairing corrupt AVI videos on your own.

Fix #1: Fix Corrupt AVI Video in VLC Media Player

You can easily repair corrupt AVI videos using the VLC media player. So, start with the below troubleshooting steps to fix a corrupt AVI video if, you have VLC on your system.

  • Open the VLC media player and click Tools from the top menu
  • Select Preferences from the Tools drop-down menu
  • In the Preferences window, select Inputs / Codecs from the left panel
  • Scroll down the to the Files section and find Damaged or incomplete AVI file option
  • Select Always fix from the Ask for action drop-down menu
  • Click the Save button and close VLC player

Now, open the corrupt AVI file in VLC. The player automatically fixes your AVI video before it plays.

The drawback of Fix #1: The VLC player temporarily fixes an AVI video by saving a new index in the app’s memory while the file is in use. Thus, when you try to watch the same AVI video using another media player, chances are there that you'll still encounter an error or not able to play the file!

Fix #2: Repair Corrupt AVI File with Remo Repair AVI


Step 1: Run Remo Repair AVI tool on your Windows computer. Select the corrupt AVI file by clicking the Browse button and hit Repair to start the AVI file repairing process.

Fix Corrupt AVI File - Main Window

Image 1: Main Window

Step 2: You will see the repaired AVI file description after the video is fixed completely. Finally, Preview and Save healthy AVI file on your desired location of a safe drive.

Fixing Corrupt AVI File - Preview & Save Repaired File

Image 2: Preview & Save Repaired File


Why Remo Repair AVI to Fix a Corrupt AVI File?

Remo Repair AVI is an award-winning video repair tool designed with many advanced unique features to fix corrupt AVI files in an easy way. The program works on read-only mode; it means your source file (i.e. original video) will not be affected. Instead, the software scans the corrupt file, creates a copy of your video, and works on it. Initially, it separates both audio and video frames of the corrupt/damaged AVI file to fix the issues individually. Later, it adjoins them to produce a healthy playable video file. In addition to repairing AVI files, it also fixes corrupted/damaged DivX and Xvid videos.

This application can flawlessly repair corrupted AVI, Xvid and DivX files stored on your HDD, external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, USB flash drive, iPod, etc. The tool supports all versions of Windows operating system including the latest edition - Windows 10 and also offered in Mac compatible edition. The free download of the tool is available for fixing your videos. In case, you are content with the result, then you can purchase it. Moreover, it offers excellent product support (by an expert technical team) round the clock at free of cost.